We compile resources and documentation from Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs across the country. These resources include a How To Guide, sample contracts, enabling legislation, program information, and more.

Guide to Establishing a PACE Program

This How to Guide provides information and advice on how to launch a PACE program in your community. Click HERE.

State Enabling Legislation

Guidance from Vote Solar / Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati
A memorandum prepared for the Vote Solar Initiative by Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati that describes the assessment district authority in various states and amendments to state law necessary to implement PACE programs. The states reviewed are Arizona, Florida, Hawai’i, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. The memo can be accessed HERE. General guidance for any state seeking enabling legislation is also provided HERE.

CaliforniaAssembly Bill 811

ColoradoHouse Bill 08-1350

New MexicoSenate Bill 647

Colorado, Louisiana, Maryland, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin also have existing legislation providing local authority, with several more states soon to follow. The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE) created a new policy category called “Property Tax Financing Authorization” for this type of financing, and information on these state laws and any new ones that are adopted can be found at

Other legislative data is collected by PACENow and is available HERE.

Berkeley, CA

Program Website

Participant Info
This document provides general information for potential participants, including a program overview, participation deadlines, screen shots of the program website, etc.

Program Terms
This document describes the program terms for the participant, including how the program functions, the participant’s responsibilities, and clarifications about what the municipalities will not be responsible for (such as the performance of the solar PV system).

Contractor Focus Group Script
Berkeley ran four separate focus groups with solar installers, energy efficiency contractors, solar thermal contractors, and equipment vendors. These sessions were intended to both educate these stakeholders, and also get feedback that could help shape the program. This script was used by Research Into Action, the organization contracted to run the focus groups.

Contractor Focus Group Findings
This document summarizes the findings from the focus groups, which were used to shape the BerkeleyFIRST pilot program. Opinions expressed by the participants include enthusiasm for the basic concept, resistance to requiring energy efficiency measures before other measures, opposition to the city aggregating customers or bulk purchasing equipment and supplies, and some concern about needing to wait until the final approval of the installed measures before receiving payment.

Market Research
Results from a web survey of over 200 Berkeley residents to assess their potential interest in the Berkeley FIRST program.

Approval of Concept for Financing District
The initial request for the City Council to approve the concept of exploring the development of a municipal financing program (November 6, 2007).

Intent to Establish Revenue and Contracts
This resolution approves the acceptance of the grants awarded to Berkeley to fund the program’s start up costs (April 22, 2008).

Amendment to Municipal Code to Establish Special Tax Financing Law
This document requests a first reading of the ordinance to amend the Municipal Code to Establish Special Tax Financing Law; includes text of the law (April 22, 2008).

Intent to Establish Financing District and Amend Local Goals and Policies
This document request Council resolutions to (1) set forth the City Council’s intention to establish a Sustainable Energy Financing District; (2) set forth the City Council’s intention to incur bonded indebtedness; and (3) approve Amended and Restated Local Goals and Policies for Community Facilities Districts and Special Tax Districts (July 22, 2008).

Public Hearing to Establish Financing District
This document includes the Resolution of Formation of the Sustainable Energy Financing District, the Resolution of Necessity to Incur Bonded Indebtedness, the Ordinance Ordering Levy of Special Taxes, the Method of Apportionment description, and a Rate Supplement example (September 16, 2008).

Bond Purchase Contract
This legal document describes how and under what terms the city will issue the bonds and then sell them to the bond purchaser (Renewable Funding).

Fiscal Agent Agreement
The Fiscal Agent Agreement addresses the execution of the bonds and the method of funding for the debt service, administrative fees, and reserve funds.

Closing and Transfer Procedures
The spreadsheet shows the process flow for the actions that are required to issue the bonds and pay debt service.

Special Tax Consultant’s Scope of Work
Berkeley contracted with a special tax consultant to provide guidance and also develop the Method of Apportionment and Rate Supplement.

Professional Services Contract with Renewable Funding
This document describes the administrative services provided to the city by Renewable Funding LLC.

Approval of Bond Purchase and Administration Agreements
This document includes the council resolutions to approve the Bond Purchase Agreement and the Administration Agreement with Renewable Funding.

Palm Desert, CA

Program Website
Palm Desert program brochure

Program Talking Points
Concise Q&A about the Palm Desert program and the role of AB 811.

Loan Process
This document reviews the entire loan process for the Palm Desert program, include the loan application criteria and the administrative responsibilities of the city.

Program Report and Administrative Guidelines
Detailed report describing how the program functions, eligibility, requirements, etc.

Boulder County, CO

Program Website

Resolution Establishing the Local Improvement District
Formal resolution to set up the county-wide district.

List of Eligible Measures
Boulder County’s list of eligible measures, requirements, and available rebates and tax credits.

Homeowner Workshop Presentation
Boulder County requires all of the participants to attend a public educational workshop. This is the presentation given at that workshop.

Babylon, NY

Program Website
Babylon program brochure

Self-Check Home Inventory Form
Babylon starts off the assessment of energy savings potential with this “self-check” form to get key information.

Sample Homeowner Contract
Sample contract between the Town of Babylon and the homeowner.

Sample Contractor Contract
Sample contract between the Town of Babylon and the contractors performing the retrofit work.

Defense of the Program’s “Public Purpose”
In response to a local challenge about the “public purpose” being performed by the LIGH financing program, LIGH staff drafted this memo

Sonoma County, CA

Sonoma County's Energy Independence Program