Sustainable Energy Options for Kosovo: An analysis of resource availability and cost

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 Today Kosovo faces critical energy and development choices that will impact the energy supply available to meet basic needs, and provide for economic growth.  These choices will also impact the health of the population, determine the job creation potential of the energy sector, and impact the wider regional role that Kosovo may play in the European Community and European Union.

The Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley has conducted an assessment of the economic, social, and environmental costs and benefits of a set of energy scenarios for Kosovo. This assessment is an analytic treatment of the energy options that exist today and that can be created through investigation of new energy efficiency, renewable energy, and the wise use of fossil fuel resources.  Key components of such a forward-looking energy plan for Kosovo, and arguably for the Balkans more widely, are: job creation and the support of indigenous industry; reduced exposure to energy supply and price risks through regional coordination and integration; and an energy mix that reduces human and environmental health risks and facilitates economic integration with the European Union

February 2012: Draft paper and associated comments

May 2012: Final paper (link to PDF)