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News Items, Events & Annoucements about RAEL

California Oil Tax: Will Golden State Voters Hit Energy Companies Where It Hurts?

April, 2013
Huffington Post

"Placing a modest fee on petroleum and gas that is extracted from California can only benefit our state," said Dr. Daniel Kammen

SAN FRANCISCO -- A group of young environmentalists in California are using Earth Day to call attention to what some see as a glaring flaw in the Golden State's regulatory system: the lack of a tax on oil extraction.

Study reveals scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change

May, 2013

This paper demonstrates the power of the Environmental Research Letters open access model of operation in that authors working to advance our knowledge of climate science and to engage in a public discourse can guarantee all interested parties have the opportunity to review the same data and findings.
-Dan Kammen

A comprehensive analysis of peer-reviewed articles on the topic of global warming and climate change has revealed an overwhelming consensus among scientists that recent warming is human-caused.

The study is the most comprehensive yet and identified 4000 summaries, otherwise known as abstracts, from papers published in the past 21 years that stated a position on the cause of recent global warming – 97 per cent of these endorsed the consensus that we are seeing man-made, or anthropogenic, global warming (AGW)

Led by John Cook at the University of Queensland, the study has been published today, Thursday 16 May, in IOP Publishing's journal Environmental Research Letters.

RAEL-Mentored Student Team Wins Funding for Min-Grid Design in Uganda

May, 2013
UC Berkeley News Center

team leader holding bicycle wheel

Growing up, I saw death, after death, after death, including both my parents, so that’s my real motivation…

-Chris Ategeka

BERKELEY — Tension-spoked wheels. Triangular metal frame. Crank-and-chain drivetrain. The bicycle is perhaps man’s simplest means of self-propelled transportation.