RAEL Seminar - Susan Kinne, jobs for women in rural Nicaragua

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 - 5:00am - 6:15am

Susan Kinne is the director of the renewable energy research program at the University of Engineering in Managua, Nicaragua. Since 1996 Prof. Kinne has led investigations in applied research with renewable energy among a consortium of organizations under the name Grupo Fenix to advance technical and social experimentation and processes. The Center for Investigation and Promotion of Renewable Energy in Totogalpa, near the Honduran border, provides a framework for international volunteers and students to interact with local people who are devoted to advancing their village in all areas of sustainable living.

The focus of the lunchtime talk is on the change in the economic lives of women who participate in solar energy projects in this village. Prof. Kinne will also describe how American students and long-term volunteers participate in research projects and building structures that further the state of practical knowledge of renewable energy technologies in this climate. The use of solar cookers, food and herb solar driers, solar drip irrigation, solar panels for lighting, and other sustainable living techniques is improving the quality of life among villagers who are creating a new vision for the future of Totogalpa.

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ERG Reading Room (323 Barrows)