Bay Area Electrified Vehicle Charging Infrastructure: Options for Accelerating Consumer Access

TitleBay Area Electrified Vehicle Charging Infrastructure: Options for Accelerating Consumer Access
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBrown T, Mikulin J, Rhazi N, Seel J, Zimring M
InstitutionAssociation of Bay Area Governments
CityBay Area, CA
Keywordscharging infrastructure, consumer access, Electric Vehicles

This paper makes the case that EVs will play an important role in reducing air pollution and GHG emissions from the transportation sector. It describes barriers to EV market penetration and argues that the public sector, including local governments, should act to reduce these barriers. The paper then focuses on EVSE infrastructure deployment—describing available options, highlighting existing government financial and policy supports, and laying out the steps local governments can take to address the EVSE deployment challenge.

Key Recommendations

1) Public charging stations

2) Curbside charging station deployment for multi-unit dwellings

3) Adaptation of urban planning codes

4) Stakeholder education

5) Public-private partnerships

6) Establishment of a financing mechanism for private charging stations

7) Streamlining the charging station installation process
This paper expands on the last two recommendations. It argues that PACE financing programs can reduce the upfront cost barrier to EV market penetration. Finally, the paper lays out a streamlined, consumer-friendly charging station installation process and the process reforms necessary to achieve it.

RAEL offers these recommendations in hopes that the San Francisco Bay Area will be able to establish a feasible, effective, and duplicable model for regional EVSE deployment that reflects the scope and urgency associated with California’s current environmental and energy challenges.

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