Malini Ranganathan


Ph.D. Students

After my Bachelor's in Chemistry from Bard College (1997), I worked on alternative transportation fuels at Inform, Inc., New York City, and then renewable energy and energy efficiency at The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), New Delhi. My Master's project at ERG (2005) looked at prospects for high-efficiency cogeneration in India's sugar sector. Currently, my dissertation research examines the politics of urban governance and infrastructure in the city of Bangalore, India.

Research Interests:
urban governance, energy access to the urban and peri-urban poor, electricity reform, distributed generation, the rural-urban interface

Personal Link:

(1) Understanding the Link Between Tenure and Services for the Urban Poor: Case Studies from Senegal and India. Research based on field work in Senegal and India. Paper accepted for presentation at the Breslauer Graduate Student Symposium, April 14-15, 2006.
(2) A Sweet Choice for Power? Evaluating Climate Change Financing for Sugar Mill Cogeneration in India. With Barbara Haya and Sujit Kirpekar. 2005 Bridging the Divide Report.