Dan Kammen gave a keynote speech at this year's E3 conference

December, 2010

Dan Kammen gave a keynote speech at the E3 conference, the Midwest's premier energy, environment and economics conference.

Researchers, students, government officials, and nonprofit and business leaders from Minnesota and across the nation attended E3 2010 at the Saint Paul RiverCentre. This year’s conference focused on the intersection among innovative technologies and policies, environmental benefits, and emerging market opportunities in the renewable energy sector. The goal of E3 was to share knowledge and discoveries in the areas of renewable energy and the environment while bringing together the world’s leading researchers and experts.

Revenue Investment of California’s GHG Emissions Trading Program

In anticipation of the California Air Resources Board (CARB)’s upcoming decision over a greenhouse gas emissions trading program, Next 10, a nonprofit nonpartisan research organization, commissioned five research papers from leading academic experts to address the multibillion dollar issue of how California should distribute greenhouse gas allowances and the resulting revenue.

RAEL Researcher Jamil Farbes and Lab Director Dan Kammen produced in this context a study entitled "Government Investment in a Clean Energy Future".

Key findings include:

The World Bank: Experts hired for their wealth for experience

November, 2010
Financial Times
When the World Bank launched its Global Experts Program, it had two principal objectives.The first was to provide a significant boost to the institution’s skills and knowledge in specific areas, by hiring famous experts in their field.

The second, and no less important motive, was to bring in senior people who could act as mentors to the many World Bank professionals who work across the world. In absolute numbers, the program is small. A handful of people are expected to be recruited over the next year in areas that include land reform, climate change, education, health systems and financial crisis issues, among others.

Professor of energy Daniel Kammen of the University of California, Berkeley, was the first such appointment to be announced in September. His mandate is to be the chief technical specialist for renewable energy and energy efficiency.