The New Harvest, Agricultural Innovation in Africa

November, 2009
Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University

African agriculture is at the crossroads. Persistent food shortages are now being compounded by new threats arising from climate change. But Africa faces two major opportunities that can help transform its agriculture and use it as a force for economic growth. First, advances in science and technology worldwide offer African countries new tools needed to promote sustainable agriculture. Second, efforts to create regional markets will provide new incentives for agricultural production and trade. This is the focus of the Agricultural Innovation in Africa (AIA) project. The project seeks to disseminate policy-relevant information on how to align science and technology missions with regional agricultural development goals. It does so in the context of the larger agenda to promote regional economic integration and development.

China Solar Panel Maker Sets First U.S. Plant

November, 2009
Business Week

Dan Kammen greets the announcement of the first Chinese factory for solar panels in the US as a sign of the increasingly important collaboration between Chinese and American leaders in the renewable-energy industry.

On Nov 16. Suntech Power made its aims public to boost its share of the U.S. market with a solar-panel manufacturing plant to be built in Arizona.

Dan Kammen speaks on US CHina Green Tech Summit

November, 2009

The 2nd annual Green Tech Summit is a catalyst for U.S.-China project-to-project partnerships to reduce CO2 emissions.

At the 2009 Green Tech Summit, leading green technology CEOs, venture capitalists and academics will engage in a dialogue on how U.S.-China project-to-project partnerships can reduce CO2, generate green jobs, and ensure energy independence.

Dan Kammen congratulates on the launch of the Makati Green Route

November, 2009

Dan Kammen sends letter of congratulation to eJeepney sponsors on the occasion of launching an electric public transport system in Makati. 

eJeepney Poster

WE CARE Solar: solar electric systems for rural Nigerian hospitals

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm

More than 500,000 mothers and babies die in childbirth in developing countries each year. We Care Solar provides PV electricity for lighting, refrigeration and communication to reduce maternal mortality. The organisation has recently begun deploying a portable PV system (Solar Suitcase) that powers LED lights, walkie-talkies and mobile phones. With a high demand for this solution, there is a need to improve its performance, cost and robustness.