Kampung Capacity: Local Solutions for Sustainable Rural Energy in the Baram River Basin, Sarawak, Malaysia

October, 2013
RAEL Report

Limited energy access constrains the opportunities of up to 1.5 billion people worldwide. Most rural villages in East Malaysia are not grid connected, and rely heavily on high-cost diesel fuel for electricity and transportation. State plans for a series of mega-dams have dramatically raised the profile of these communities and the stakes in local energy services versus a larger development agenda. We examine village energy access in the Baram Basin, Malaysia using a hybrid energy resource optimization framework. We find least cost options for energy services come from a mixture of locally managed small-scale hydroelectricity, biogas generators and accompanying batteries. 

Rebekah Shirley, Daniel Kammen
RAEL Author: 
Daniel M. Kammen
RAEL Author: 
Rebekah Shirley
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