ER 170/270: Environmental Classics

What is the history and evolution of environmental thinking and
writing? How have certain "environmental classics" shaped the way in
which we think about nature, society and development? (And, as a
corollary, what has shaped the intellectual history of programs like
the Energy and Resources Group?). This course will use a selection of
20th century books / papers that have had a major impact on academic
and wider public thinking about the environment / development to probe
these issues. The selection includes works that have influenced
environmental politics, policy and scholarship in the USA as well as in
the developing world. We will not only read these classics, but we will
also read reviews and critiques of these books ­ both those written
at the time of first publication, and more recent commentaries ­ to
explore the evolution of thought on these transforming ideas.

When available, the webpage for this course will be posted here. Please check back later for an updated link.

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