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Green Mean #213, “Solar Ovens”, PBS KQED-TV (San Francisco, CA) See more here:

PBS News Hour with Jim Leherer.  Spencer Michaels reporting, “The grid”,
June 9, 2009

 “Ecopolis” a five-part series on the Discovery
Channel (air date: December 2008).  Darlow-Smithson Productions (London,

 “Powered by coal”, 60 Minutes, interview
with Scott Pelley, April 23, 2009.

NOVA, “The big energy gamble”, January 21, 2009


 “Heat”, Frontline, interview with
Martin Smith, October 21, 2008


 “The UV Tube”, Beyond Tomorrow, April X, 2006 (Australian TV).

Economics and the Environment (Autodesk), narrated by Morgan Freeman