Physics of Sustainable Energy:

Using Energy Efficiently and Producing It Renewably



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UC-Berkeley, Evans Hall, March 1-2, 2008

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The Proceedings of the March 2008 short course will appear in July 2008



I.          Overview on Energy Issues (David Hafemeister, Cal Poly, Chair)

1.1       Science of Photons to Fuels (Steve Chu, LBNL) - PDF PDF | PowerPoint PowerPoint

1.2       Energy End-Use Efficiency (Art Rosenfeld, CEC) - PDF | PowerPoint

1.3       USChina Energy Issues (Mark Levine, LBNL) - PDF | PowerPoint

1.4       Carbon Reduction Wedges (Jim  McMahon, LBL and Rob Socolow, Princeton) - PDF | PowerPoint

1.5       Science and Policy for Deep Cuts in Carbon Emissions (Dan Kammen, UCB) - PDF | PowerPoint


II.         Energy-Use in Buildings  and Industry  (Barbara Levi, Physics Today, Chair)

2.1       Buildings as Systems (Danny Harvey, U. Tronto) - PDF | PowerPoint

2.2       Physics of Buildings (David Hafemeister, CalPoly) - PDF | PowerPoint

2.3       Windows and Daylighting (Steve Selkowitz, LBNL) - PDF | PowerPoint

2.4       Appliance Designs and Standards (Jim McMahon, LBNL) - PDF | PowerPoint

2.5       Lighting, the white LED (Steve DenBaars, UCSB) - PDF | PowerPoint

2.6       Heating/Ventilation and Airconditioning (Craig Wray, LBNL) - PDF | PowerPoint

2.7       Industrial Use of Energy (Lynn Price, LBNL) - PDF | PowerPoint


Banquet, Art Rosenfeld, A day in the life of an Energy Commissioner


III.       Energyuse by Automobiles (Mark Levine, LBL, Chair)

3.1       The Race for 21st  Century Auto Fuels (Alex Farrell, UCB) - PDF

3.2       Safe Automobiles (Tom Wenzel-LBNL and Mark Ross, U. Michigan) - PDF

3.3       Plug in Electric Cars and the Grid (Mark Duvall, EPRI) - PDF | PowerPoint

3.4       Batteries for Electric Cars (Venkat Srinivassen, LBNL) - PDF

3.5       Hydrogen for Vehicles (Jan Herbst, GM) - PDF | PowerPoint


IV.       Electricity Production (Pete Schwartz, Cal Poly, Chair)

4.1       Solar Photovoltaics (Michael McGehee, Stanford) - PDF | PowerPoint

4.2       Concentrating Solar Power (Mark Mehos, NREL) - PDF | PowerPoint

4.3       Wind Power (Robert Thresher, NREL) - PDF | PowerPoint

4.4       Nuclear Power (Per Petersen, UC-Berkeley) - PDF | PowerPoint

4.5       Carbon Capture and Sequestration (Larry Myer, CEC) - PDF | PowerPoint

4.6       ElectricalGrid Energy Storage (Imre Gyuk, DOE) - PDF | PowerPoint