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September 1, 2006

More Coverage of AB32

August 31, 2006

The Rise of Renewable Energy by Dan Kammen
Scientific American, September 2006

Greener California could impact business
Dan Kammen discusses California AB 32 on NPR Marketplace

August 26, 2006

Sacramento Bee: 'Regular guy' provides force behind Prop. 87 campaign, Former screenwriter brought money, people together to back oil tax

June 29, 2006

DANIEL KAMMEN, Director, Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory, UC Berkeley; Professor, Energy and Resources Group, Goldman School of Public Policy, UC Berkeley
FELIX KRAMER, Founder, CalCars.org
GAIL SLOCUM, Senior Energy Regulatory Attorney, PG&E; Former Mayor, Menlo Park
Commonwealth Club.

June 21, 2006

East Bay Express: "On the Grid Solar power finally took off once it plugged into the larger electrical system"
East Bay Express.

June 20, 2006

Dan Kammen on Panel discussion sponsored by Mother Jones Magazine, to be held at Cody's Books in San Francisco on June 20, 2006 at 6 p.m. The moderator will be Jay Harris, publisher of Mother Jones, and the topic will be the legacy of fossil fuels.

June 23, 2006

"Science" Letters: Looking at Biofuels and Bioenergy. Letters and response from our article "Ethanol can contribute to energy and environmental goals" published in "Science".

June 11, 2006

"Eight ways to beat the heat" an OpEd piece by Dan Kammen in the LA Times. There is no single solution to global warming, but renewable, clean energy sources abound, and so do the technologies to put them to use. Here are eight strategies and power sources that can help "fix" global warming, along with their costs now and in the future. If we act, it is very possible to reach the goal of reducing greenhouse emissions 80% over the next 50 years.
LA Times.

June 9, 2006

Listen to a podcast with Dan Kammen on NPR's "Science Friday": A new group of strange bedfellows, including farmers, foresters, environmentalists, and politicians, wants 25 percent of America's energy to come from renewable resources by the year 2025. That means more ethanol, wind, and solar energy. Can it -- and should it -- be done? Some critics say beefing up ethanol production would be bad for the environment, wasting energy and potentially increasing emissions. This hour, we'll take a look at the "25 X25" plan and talk about America's changing energy picture.
Science Friday.

Spring, 2006

We have received a challenge endowment grant and we need your support to meet the match!!!! Read about our work and the Karsten Family Foundation.
The Promise of Berkeley (Spring 2006, page 20)
You can contact Dan Kammen (kammen [at] berkeley.edu) to arrange for the specifics of your support.

Spring 2006

Dan Kammen reviewer on the REN21 (Renewable Energy Network for the 21st Century) report "Changing Climates The Role of Renewable Energy in a Carbon-Constrained World"

June 2006

UCEI (University of California Energy Institute) "Energy Notes". Alex Farrell and team featured in "Cellulosic Ethanol: The Key to a Carbohydrate Economy?"
UCEI (click on "Energy Notes" June).

May 23-24, 2006

Dan Kammen Participant: U. S. Senate roundtable is "Exploring Greenhouse Gas Technologies," chaired by Senator Inhofe and Senator Jeffords. 628 of the Senate Dirksen Office building. For information, contact Michael Goo, Minority Staff, of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

May 24, 2006

Dan Kammen at California Senate Hearing on "Climate and Biofuels", Chaired by Senator Christine Kehoe

May 23-24, 2006

Dan Kammen at the China US Climate Conference.
2:00 PM Sustainable Cities and States: Action at the Sub-National Level This panel of state officials, scholars, and NGO representatives will look at the example of states and municipalities that have made bold moves to promote sustainable energy use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, even when their national governments have been reluctant to do so. The China-U.S. Climate Change Forum is being organized by the Berkeley China Initiative, which is forging closer ties between U.C. Berkeley and China by bringing together key experts on important international and bilateral issues. Growing concern over climate change makes this topic an obvious choice for the first of this series of annual events. The Forum is co-sponsored by Peking University's College of Environmental Sciences and UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism, International and Area Studies, Institute of East Asian Studies, Center for Chinese Studies, Energy and Resources Group, and Berkeley Institute of the Environment. Financial sponsors include the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund, the Energy Foundation, and the Hewlett Foundation.
Conference Agenda.
Bio and Presentation.

May 22, 2006

UCLA Public Affairs Society Panel: How it is happening - What it means for us - How technology and innovation can help - What we can do UCLA Kerckhoff Grand Salon 3pm-5pm Contact: pasociety@ucla.edu
UCLA School of Public Affairs.

May 17, 2006

The UV Tube team is featured on Australian Television science program "Beyond Tomorrow".
Beyond Tomorrow website.

May 7, 2006

Dan Kammen on "60 Minutes": The Ethanol Solution Could Corn-Based Fuel Help End America's Dependence On Imported Oil?
CBS Transcript.

April 22, 2006

Dan Kammen is keynote speaker at Cal Day 2006: After oil, then what: How can we move to a future of clean energy sources?
Cal Day Events
And panel speaker at BIE: Global Environmental Challenges and Opportunities: UC Berkeley’s role
Berkeley Institute of the Environment

April 6, 2006

New Study (by RAEL-Jenn Baka, Frank Ling, Daniel Kammen) Shows How the U.S. Can Reduce Foreign Oil Dependency
Yahoo News.
United States may become energy independent by 2020: RAEL Study
New Karala Online .
The Report (PDF)
Jenn Baka, Frank Ling, Daniel Kammen. "Towards Energy Independence in 2025".RAEL White Paper prepared with support from Americans for Energy Independence. March, 2006.

April 4, 2006

Cal Profs. Alex Farrell and Tad Patzek and environmentalists Nathaniel Greene and Mike Ewall debate the pros and cons of corn and cellulosic ethanol on KPFA's Against the Grain. Also see www.againstthegrain.org for related links.
Against the Grain mp3.

March 30, 2006

National Geographic quotes Dan Kammen in "Will New Fuel Rules for SUVs Cut U.S. Oil Use?"
NationalGeographic.com .

March 21, 2006

Dan Kammen is quoted in "Helsingin Sanomat" the main paper in Finland throughout this article.
Helsingin Sanomat (scan of article) .

March 26, 2006

New York Times quotes Dan Kammen in the article "On the Ethanol Bandwagon, Big Names and Big Risks"
NYTimes.com .

March 23, 2006

Listen to the podcast of "Inside Renewable Energy: Biofuels, Ethanol, Switchgrass, Power-Gen Renewable Energy & Fuels, Plus the Latest News" featuring Dan Kammen.
Renewable Energy Access .

February 27, 2006

"Science Today" show interviews Dan. Cellulosic Technology Has Bright Future.
Science Today Program Archives .

February 17, 2006

"California Connected" piece on our work in RAEL, and that of Schatz Energy Research Center (SERC), Humboldt State University, where ERG and RAEL alum Arne Jacobson now is. Watch the video!
California Connected .

February 3, 2006

"Science Friday" show features panel, including Dan Kammen, discussing America's oil dependence and some of our other energy options
Science Friday .

February 2, 2006

Dan Kammen speaks at Clean Tech Investor Summit
Conference Details .

January 27, 2006

A new ethanol study by RAEL members was published in Science on January 27, 2006.
Download the paper, the model, and supplemental materials.

Selected media coverage
More press coverage (via Google)

Letter to NPR regarding their coverage of the Science article

Blog discussion on the Post Carbon Institute website

January 24, 2006

Dan Kammen to speak at NASA Ames Research Center: After Oil - Transition to a Clean Energy Economy
Event Description and Listing .

January 23, 2006

A team of two dozen prominent experts led by professors from the University of California, Berkeley, including Alex Farrell, release a new report on the economic implications of meeting global warming emissions reduction targets established by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2005.
Full Report and Press .

January 23, 2006

Dan Kammen and Severin Borenstein discuss solar energy for CA today on the Pete Wilson Show KGO (ABC) radio, 810 AM.

November, 2005

Dan Kammen contributes to the REN21 (Renewable Energy Network for the 21st Century) report: "RENEWABLES 2005 GLOBAL STATUS REPORT". This report provides an overview of the status of renewable energy worldwide in 2005. It covers markets, investments, industries, policies, and rural (off-grid) renewable energy in developing countries.
The Report
Notes and References

September 29 and October 4, 2005

Dan Kammen presents to Cornell Alumni Association of Northern CA (9/29)and MIT Club (10/4): "The End of Oil? The Future of what?"

Presentation (PDF)

September26, 2005

In a paper in the journal Issues in Science & Technology, Dan Kammen, a UC Berkeley professor and co-director of the campus's Berkeley Institute of the Environment, and doctoral student Greg Nemet, marshal statistics to show that both the federal government and private business investments in energy research and development have declined significantly since the 1980s. They use data on patents, federal and industry spending, and emerging venture capital funds to examine the relationship between federal investment and innovation.

Press Release

Paper (PDF)

Appendix (PDF)

September7, 2005

Dan Kammen and Tim Lipman quoted in feature article, "Bug Juice Could termite guts hold the key to the world's energy problems? Don't laugh."

East Bay Express

September2, 2005

Dan Kammen, Micah Lang and the UV Tube Project in CNET News, "Technology may quench thirst for drinking water. A plastic tube and a fluorescent light could turn out to be two crucial components for getting drinking water back in New Orleans.

CNET News.com

August 31, 2005

Frank Ling's radio piece on the solar bill airs August 31st at 7 p.m on KALW 91.7 FM. It stars Michael O'Hare, Randy Hayes (Oakland Sustainability Director), Monique Sullivan (Environment California), Tim Sears (Grid Alternative, and David Hochschild (Vote Solar). You can hear it on line. Click on the 08/28/2005 edition. Also, a biodiesel story with Dan Kammen can be heard if you click on the 04/03/2005 edition.

KALW News Archive

August 18, 2005

Dan Kammen quoted in, "Urine Battery Turns Pee Into Power."

National Geographic News

August 16, 2005

Dan Kammen quoted as alternative energy expert in San Jose Mercury News article-"Solar power tower?"

Mercury News

August 11, 2005

Dan Kammen testifies at the California State Assembly select committee on air and water quality: The Climate Change Crisis...Can California Create a Way Out?



August 2005

Dan Kammen featured in this month's National Geographic!

National Geographic

July 13 2005

The Honourable R. John Efford, Minister of Natural Resources Canada, today announced the appointment of Daniel M. Kammen to the National Advisory Panel on the Sustainable Energy Science and Technology (S&T) Strategy. The Panel provides advice on Canada's energy science and technology priorities to help Canada develop sustainable energy solutions for the future.

Natural Resources Canada

Spring 2005

Kara Nelson in Berkeley Engineering's Forefront magazine.

Forefront website

June 13

Academic Coordinator. A 100% variable time position in the Berkeley Institute of the Environment, UC Berkeley, beginning August 1, 2005.

Job Description

May 13

Dan Kammen's OpEd piece on the President Bush's energy policy in the SF Chronicle.

SF Gate


May 12

Student teams, including our UV Tube project in Sri Lanka, head to Southeast Asia for tsunami rebuilding projects.

Press Release

May 5

Dan Kammen on webcast speaking on hydrogen for The Milan Sustainable Business Center. The first segment is in Italian. Forward to minute 20:19 on the index for Dan in English.

webcast (in Flash)

Dan Kammen on KQED "Green Means" on RAEL solar work in Kenya.

KQED video

Solar for the Powerless: Electrifying Rural Africa with the Sun.


April 27 & 28

Dan Kammen on BBC World News: Response to the President's energy initiative to expand nuclear power.


April 27 & 28

Dan Kammen on BBC World News: Response to the President's energy initiative to expand nuclear power.


April 1, 2005.

"Mortality and Greenhouse Gas Impacts of Biomass and Petroleum Energy Futures in Africa" (Bailis, Ezzati, Kammen) is published in Science.

Making the news:

South African Broadcasting, “Cleaner Fuel for Africa?” April 11, 2005

Environment and Development Challenges, “Charcoal, efficiently produced, may be Africa's best stop-gap solution” April 8, 2005

Harvard Gazette, “Benefits of clean fuel in Africa would be enormous” April 7, 2005

Tarik Smith, Environmental Science & Technology, “Charcoal sparks African improvements” March 31, 2005

Jessica Ebert, Nature, “Charcoal fuel gets green light” March 31, 2005

Washington Times, "Study: Africa needs better coal", March 31, 2005.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation “Switch from wood-burning stoves to charcoal offers health benefits”, March 31, 2005

Innovations Report – the Forum for Science, Industry and Business April 4, 2005

Scidev Magazine (UK) April 1, 2005

Ascribe Newswire “Study Points to Cleaner Charcoal and Forest Management as Best Strategy in Africa to Reduce Greenhouse Gases, Save Lives” March 31, 2005

April 7, 8.30 - 9PM

Dan Kammen on KRCB TV: "Making the Connection" show: Extreme weather and climate change. www.krcb.org

March 28-29, 2005.

Dan Kammen to speak at LBNL Workshop. “Solar to Fuel – Future Challenges and Solutions” Bldg. 66, Auditorium 316

March 23, 2005. 11:30 Am.

Dan Kammen to speak at the American Physical Society meeting in LA. 'The Physics of Sustainability'


March 23, 2005. 7:00 pm

Dan Kammen to speak at Sierra Club meeting. Oakland public library. "Our Oil Addiction".

March 16, 2005. 7 pm

Dan Kammen to speak at league of women voters, Piedmont: 'Energy Policy and Politics'.

March 3, 2005.

Tim Lipman to speak at "MOVING FORWARD: A Second National Workshop for State DOTs, DEQs, MPOs and Alternative Fuel Stakeholders" sponsored by the Institute of Transportation Studies' Center for Urban Infrastructure

  Conference information.

10-50 Solution: Pew Center on Global Climate Change.

Dan Kammen spoke at this event and now all the proceedings can be found online.

  Workshop information and proceedings.

February 3, 2005.

Dan Kammen on panel at NAELS (National Association of Environmental Law Societies) Summit:" Leading Without Leadership: When You Hit the Wall, Turn Left".


January 27, 2005.

RAEL to present posters at Berkeley Entrepreneurs Forum.

  ""Energy Technology: Emerging Solutions."

January 24, 2005.

RAEL members and ERG featured on the front page.

  "New course for the solar-psyched Photovoltaic students take solar cell work beyond the classroom."

January 14, 2005. "Science Friday: Hydrogen Cars".

Dan Kammen is interviewed on the radio program.


January 2005.

RAEL affiliate Jon Koomey et al refutes claim that PDAs are energy hogs.

  Network Electricity Use Associated with Wireless Personal Digital Assistants(PDF)

November 30, 2004. US Oil Addiction & the Future of Energy Policy.

Dan Kammen and Severin Borenstein (Director of the University of California Energy Institute) discuss current US Energy Policy and future direction.


November 9 & 10, 2004. Discover Cal Lecture, Southern California.

Dan Kammen to present a survey of renewable energy technology at this series, "Fueling the Future: The Cost of Oil Dependence and the Prospects for Alternatives."

 Discover Cal Fall Series (PDF)

 View Presentation

November 9, 2004. World Affairs Council of Northern California.

Dan Kammen will discuss energy issues in this WAC series that highlights the leadership responsibilites that will fall to the newly elected president.

 World Affairs Council Fall Series

October 30, 2004. 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Solar Distillation Workshop for a Sustainable World.

Fermin Reygads from the Aqua SALud project, will be leading a workshop on household Solar Desalination Units. Fermin will give a brief presentation on the current state of the technology, its potential applications and its barriers. Participants will design and build the untis. Mouhsine Serrar will present project opportunities in Solar Cookers and Water Desalination in Morocco.

October 29, 2004. KQED Election Special. 9:00-10:00 PM

Dan Kammen featured in a segment on the state of energy and the environment. The program will also be simulcast on the web and radio (88.5FM)

 KQED TV Schedule

October 28, 2004.

Dan Kammen featured speaker: "Crisis in the Oil economy: Where do we go from here? "

 Sustainable Biz Announcement

 View Presentation

September 20, 2004. NREL Energy Analysis Series.

Dan Kammen to present "Business Unusual: Expanding Domestic and International Clean Energy Markets."

 NREL Seminar Flyer (PDF)


July 9, 2004. An Integrated Hydrogen Vision for California.

A white paper/guidance document prepared with support from the Steven and Michele Kirsch Foundation. "California is poised to become a global leader in clean energy with a sustainable "hydrogen economy," but only if there is strategic investment in renewable energy research and development."

 The Report (PDF)

 The Press Release

  Clean Edge News, 7/27/04

  Fuel Cells Works News, 7/26/04

  The Berkeley Blog

  UC Berkeley News Center

  More new RAEL papers!

July 8, 2004.

Dan Kammen is quoted extensively in the cover story, "Moving beyond coal". Nevada is in a unique position to take advantage of green power. So why are we still burning the icky black stuff?

 Reno News and Review

July 18, 2004.

  Dan Kammen in the San Francisco Chronicle (July 18, 2004) "California's energy future. A simple solution for home design -- Look to the sun."

The California Environmental Protection Agency announced a "Million Solar Homes Initiative" to achieve Governor Schwarzenegger's promise of building half of all new homes with solar power. The policy aims to reduce peak energy demand while bringing cleaner energy to the state. (August 2, 2004)
Press Release at www.environmentcalifornia.org

 Dan Kammen writes to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to express support of SB 1652 (Murray), the Solar Homes Bill.(June 26, 2004)

The Governor's Energy and Environment Plan

Promote Solar and Renewables. Increase California's use of solar power in cooperation with developers, the Building Industry Association, labor, community organizations, and bi-partisan state legislators to provide incentives for new homes built in California to include solar photovoltaics (PV). The goal of this program would be that, starting in 2005, 50% of new homes would include solar PV. As Governor I will also support the extension of tax credits for businesses and commercial establishments which install on-grid solar photovoltaic and other renewable generation systems.

Scientific American, "Future Cars"

In September 2003, Dan Kammen was interviewed by Alan Alda for a Scientific American episode on "Future Cars." You can now view the interview on the web!Watch the video "Why cars must be green."


April 13, 2004. Putting Renewables to Work: How Many Jobs Can the Clean Energy Industry Generate?

A new report of the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory released at the New Apollo Energy forum in Seattle.

 "Across a broad range of scenarios, the renewable energy sector generates more jobs per average megawatt of power installed, and per unit of energy produced than the fossil fuel-based energy sector," the report concludes.

 The Report (PDF)

 The Press Release (PDF)

  The New Apollo forum website

  San Francisco Chronicle, Tom Abate, 14 Apr 2004

  Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Robert McClure, 14 Apr 2004

  San Francisco Business Times, 13 Apr 2004

  East Bay Business Times, 13 Apr 2004

  Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal, 13 Apr 2004

March 18–21, 2004, Singapore. Asian Leadership Conference: Frontiers of Discovery--Solutions for the Global Community

Dan Kammen will be speaking at this conference whichs brings together leading UC Berkeley professors and conference participants from around the world to discuss cutting-edge research addressing some of our most pressing global issues.


Berkeley Groks, a weekley radio science program interviews Dan Kammen.

Dan Kammen was interviewd on Berkeley Groks, which airs every Wednesday at Noon on KLAX 90.7 FM in Berkeley. The transcript is now online!

 Link to the Transcript.

February 27, 2004, Energy Prospects, Issue 34.

Dan Kammen and RAEL are featured (page 10)

 Energy Prospects (pdf)

February 17, 2004, Press Conference. San Francisco City Hall.

Dan Kammen speaks at Supervisor Tom Ammiano's Press Conference to announce an ordinance establishing a Community Choice Aggregation Program that allows San Francisco to aggregate the electrical load of San Francisco electricity consumers, and to accelerate renewable energy, conservation and energy efficiency. Community aggregation won state approval in 2002. The law allows cities or counties to act as a group purchasing agent, buying power in bulk and distributing it along the existing utility's lines. In San Francisco, when voters approved Proposition H in 2001, they authorized the city to sell $100 million worth of revenue bonds to pay for renewable energy projects.

 Dan's Statement (PDF)

 Press Release (PDF)

 Ordinance (PDF)

Environmental Investment Initiative, "Press Release, February 3, 2004"

State Treasurer Phil Angelides will be joined by environmental and businesses leaders on Tuesday, February 3, to unveil a groundbreaking environmental investment initiative to bolster financial returns, create jobs and clean up the environment. Dan Kammen speaking.

 Press Release (PDF)

 Dan Kammen's comments (PDF)

"A Century of Oil, A Future of Options", by Dan Kammen.

Dan reviews Vaclav Smil's book, "Energy at the Crossroads: Global Perspectives and Uncertainties."

 Science Magazine, December 12, 2003

"Waste Not, Want Not", article by David Pescovitz. Capturing waste heat could ease energy woes.

Research from the College of Engineering, UC Berkeley.

 Lab Notes, December 2003

Dan Kammen talks with Science Today, November 4, 2003

The UC radio program broadcast by the CBS network.

 Science Today

Dan Kammen and Timothy Lipman submit a letter to Science

A response (printed 10 October 2003) to T.K. TROMP et al's Report "Potential environmental impacts of a hydrogen economy on the stratosphere" (13 June, p. 1740).

 D.M. Kammen, T. Lipman (2003) "Assessing the Future Hydrogen Economy" Letter to Science (October 10, 2003) (PDF)

Dan Kammen submits 2 letters to the Grand Challenges in Global Health initiative

The Grand Challenges in Global Health initiative is a collaborative effort of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the National Institutes of Health and the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health. The initiative aims to identify the major challenges in global health and increase scientific research on diseases such as AIDS and malaria that result in millions of deaths throughout the developing world.

 Grand Challenges in Global Health

 Healthy Stoves and Fuels for Developing Nations and the Global Environment (letter)

 A Suite of Low-Cost Technologies are Needed to Address Point-of-Use Water Quality and to Build Networks for Public Health (letter)

RAEL in the news: October 17, 2003

Dan Kammen ("energy expert") is quoted in an East Bay Business Times article on combined heat and power.

Return to smaller plants may be one grid solution

RAEL on film: September 25, 2003

Dan Kammen is interviewed by Alan Alda for an upcoming episode (2004) of Scientific American Frontiers entitled "Future Cars".

Read about the upcoming show.

Berkeley Groks, a weekley radio science program interviews Dan Kammen.

On July 23, 2003, Dan Kammen will be interviewd on Berkeley Groks, which airs every Wednesday at Noon on KLAX 90.7 FM in Berkeley. In this episode Dan will discuss the development of renewable energy sources.

 Berkeley Groks program schedule

Dan Kammen gives testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Energy.

On June 10, 2003, Dan Kammen along with other nuclear energy experts gave testimonies at the Energy Subcommittee hearing on The Future of University Nuclear Science and Engineering Programs.

 Energy Subcommittee Hearings

 June 10, 2003 Testimony by Dan Kammen (PDF)

 Responses to Questions on the Future of University Nuclear Science and Engineering Programs (PDF)

Dan Kammen sends letter to Senator Denise Moreno Ducheny and the Senate Housing and Community Development Committee in support of SB 289 (Murray)

According to Dan, SB 289 requires builders of single-family residences to offer potential homebuyers the option of including a solar energy system on the residence. This bill will also require, beginning January 1, 2006, that a percentage of all single-family homes be constructed with a minimum of two kilowatt-sized solar energy systems.

 Letter supporting of SB 289 (PDF)

 Power Shift article demonstrating potential benefits of SB 289 (PDF)

Charcoal study by RAEL's Rob Bailis, Majid Ezzati, and Dan Kammen featured in Environmental Science and Technology Online Technology News page.

The April 3, 2003 Technology News story titled How charcoal fire heat the world highlights a recent paper by Bailis et al. titled Greenhouse Gas Implications of Household Energy Technology in Kenya. Both Dan and Rob were interviewed for the article.

 ES&T Technology News story

 Bailis et al. paper

 Science Magazine: Editor's Choice piece

Dan Kammen gave a recent presentation at the University of California Green Building Policy and Clean Energy Steering Committee

The aim of the Steering Committee is to look at the adoption of standards for sustainable building design and the use of renewable energy sources on UC campuses.

 For more information

Press Release: February 6, 2003

Researchers at the University of California Berkeley's Energy and Resources Group have produced a report on the economics of Hydrogen Energy Stations. These energy stations produce electricity along with pure hydrogen to refuel fuel cell vehicles.


Dan Kammen debates Bjorn Lomborg author of The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the State of the Environment.

The debate, filmed on November 12, 2002, was recently aired on Uncommon Knowledge a weekly half-hour series broadcast by PBS.

 For transcript and video replay

Dan Kammen speaks at 27th Annual Spring Math/Science Conference

The conference is sponsored by Sustainable San Mateo County and will be held Saturday March 1, 2003 at Canada College in Redwood City.

 For more information

Dan Kammen and other UC Berkeley faculty present at local conference titled Berkeley in Silicon Valley

The conference is sponsored by the College of Chemistry and Engineering and will be held Saturday March 1, 2003 (8:15am-2:30pm).

 For more information

Daily Californian Article: A Leaner, Cleaner Fuel For America: Hydrogen Fuel Cells Raise Efficiency, Cut Waste

In the Science and Technology section of a recent (February 12) Daily Californian article Dan Kammen discusses the efficiency and environmental benefits of Hydrogen fuell cells particularly for use in automobiles. RAEL also mentioned.

 Read the Article

RAEL's Nate Hultman and Dan Kammen present paper at The International Conference on Natural Assets - January 2003

Sponsored by The Political Economy Research Institute and The Centre for Science and the Environment, the conference aimed to 'foster discussion of strategies for increasing the access of low-income communities and individuals to natural resources and to a clean and safe environment, so as to advance the goals of poverty reduction and environmental protection'.

 Read more about the conference 
Read Hultman and Kammen article: Equitable Carbon Revenue Distribution under an International Emissions Trading Regime (pdf file)

Two Articles on Biomass: Health Impacts in Developing Nations and Source of Hydrogen for Fuel Cells 

Environmental Health Perspectives published two biomass articles in January 2003. One discusses the numerous health hazards involved in the combustion as well as gathering and transport of biomass. The second article discusses the role biomass can play in achieving commercial viability of hydrogen fuel cells. Dan Kammen and the work of RAEL are cited in both articles. 

Read the Article The Quest for Fire: Hazards of a Daily Struggle 
Read the Article Hydrogen for Fuel Cells: Making the Best of Biomass

The Power of Distributed Power 

Dan Kammen discusses the benefits of distributed power systems both at home and abroad in Lab Notes from UC Berkeley's College of Engineering. 

Read the Article

UC Science Today Radio Program

Science Today is a radio program produced for the Westwood One/CBS Radio Network by the University of California. Each week, Science Today features stories highlighting the latest scientific breakthroughs and discoveries at the university and its three affiliated national laboratories. Topics focus primarily on health, nutrition, the environment and social & physical sciences. A segment from October 8, 2002 featured Professor Dan Kammen discussing a recent EPA initiative to reduce indoor air pollution in third world countries.

Listen to the Show (.ram file)
Read the text of the interview

Integrated Approaches to Malaria Control

Read a letter published in Nature magazine on the inportance of an integrated approach toward Malaria control.

Utzinger, J., M. Tanner, D.M. Kammen, G.F. Killeen, and B.H. Singer (2002) "Integrated Programme is Key to Malaria Control," published as a correspondence letter in Nature, Vol. 419, October 3, 2002. (PDF)

World Summit on Sustainable Development

World leaders gather for the United Nations summit in Johannesburg, South Africa.
The 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development brings together political leaders from around the world to discuss important social and environmental development issues currently facing the global community. Many of the issues at hand overlap with outreach efforts at RAEL, some of which are referenced in the following articles.

 Link to a September 2 article in Newsweek about air quality and health: 
Put out the Dung Fires by Fred Guterl

 An August 22 article in Nature covers some of the scientific questions at hand as Johannesburg draws near.
Download the Article: Clarke, T. Wanted: Scientists for Sustainability. Nature, 418, 812 - 814, (2002). (pdf, 476 K)

 Read a letter from Professor Dan Kammen to the National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice regarding the Bush Administration's policies on sustainable development. (pdf) 

Dan Kammen on KQED's Forum with Michael Krasny

Dan Kammen was a guest on the July 25, 2002 airing of Forum, the KQED radio program hosted by Michael Krasny. The program assessed recent developments in California's energy situation and guests shared their perspectives on California's energy future. Other guests included Nettie Hoge (Executive Director of TURN), Gary Cohen (General Council of the CPUC), Richard Katz (Senior Energy Advisor for Governor Gray Davis), and Gary Ackerman (Executive Director of the Western Power Trading Forum).

 Visit the Forum program archives to listen to the show. 

California to Restrict Automobile Greenhouse Gas Emissions

AB 1483, recently signed into law by Governor Davis, will restrict greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles sold in California. This new law has far-reaching implications for the state's environmental and energy future. This legislation has been reported on widely in the press, including a recent San Francisco Chronicle article with quotes from Professor Dan Kammen.

 Read the Article

Dan Kammen on National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation

Dan Kammen was a guest on Talk of the Nation's Science Friday on May 10, 2002. The hour long call-in show, titled Write Your Own Energy Policy, focused on the differing Senate and House energy bills that are set to move to a conference committee. Participants shared their views of what a national energy plan shoud contain.

 Listen to the Show (This is a .ram file and requires Real Player

Dan Kammen participates in the National Energy Policy Initiative

Senior energy experts produce a consensus-based energy strategy as an alternative to the Bush administration's National Energy Policy.
The National Energy Policy Initiative convened an independent, bipartisan group of senior energy experts on February 1-3, 2002, at Airlie House in Warrenton, Virginia. The Expert Group's task was to seek consensus on an overarching vision to guide energy policy, and on issue-specific goals and strategies to advance the vision.

 Download the final report (pdf) 

PV System Installation in Northern Thailand

Donna Green, a RAEL PhD student, recently travelled to Khun Huay Sai, a small Lahu village in the Chiang Mai province of Thailand. She worked with a local NGO, the Inter Mountain Peoples Education and Culture in Thailand Association, to install a PV/battery system at the school and meeting hall and facilitate local training about the system's operation. The PV system totalled 500 Watts, which will be used for lighting and battery charging at the village.

 See Photos

Federal Renewable Energy Policy 

On February 21, 2002 the Energy Subcommittee of the U. S. House of Representatives Committee on Science held a field hearing at the Environmental Technology Center at Sonoma State University. Several congressional representatives attended to hear testimony on The Renewable Roadmap to Energy Independence. Dan Kammen was invited to speak about the role of fuel cells in a future national renewable energy strategy. His statements covered the possible future applications of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, including the provision of an energy storage medium for intermittent renewable energy and the link between renewable energy and the transportation sector.

Read the Testimony

Dan Kammen Moderates Energy Forum for Science Teachers 

Dan Kammen participated in a forum titled "The 'Science' in the Energy Crisis", at the 17th annual Bioforum for Science Teachers hosted by the California Academy of Sciences. The forum focused on current research into new energy technologies, increased energy efficiencies, new fuel sources and conservation as ways of meeting current and future energy demands. For more information visit http://www.calacademy.org/education/bioforum/energy_crisis.htm

RAEL Hosts Renewable Energy Forum 

On October 9, 2001 RAEL hosted a public educational forum titled
Renewable Energy in California... What's Next? The forum was cosponsored by the Renewbale Energy Policy Project and the Center for Resource Solutions. 

Energy Policy in California 

Read a recent opinion piece from the San Francisco Chronicle by Daniel Kammen of RAEL and Dan Jacobson of CALPIRG. 

What the Governor Could do to Prevent the Next Energy Crisis

Federal Energy and Climate Change Policy 

Professor Kammen shares his views on renewable energy and its relationship to our federal energy policy and national climate change strategy with Senators in Washington, DC.
Any energy policy that looks beyond the immediate future must address sustainable growth, renewable sources of energy, and the threat of global climate change. This is the message being advocated by several lab members at RAEL who have been involved in the recent energy policy debate in Washington. 

Dan Kammen, Antonia Herzog, and Tim Lipman sent a letter to Vice President Cheney on February 16, 2001 with recommendations for his energy task force. Professor Dan Kammen was then invited to Washington, DC to testify at two U.S. Senate committee hearings in the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee and Senate Finance Committee, on July 10 and 11, 2001. 

Read more and see photos

Reporters interview Professor Dan Kammen, Director of RAEL 

Press Coverage - Current California Energy Crisis
Recently Professor Dan Kammen, Director of RAEL, has been engaged in the public information campaign and policy discussions over the current California energy crisis and the failure of policy leadership to advance the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency options. He has been featured on NPR (Living on Earth), Voice of America radio, CNN and BayTV, and in The San Francisco Chronicle, The New York Times, The San Jose Business Review, The Daily Californian, The Sacramento Bee, USA Today, among others. 

A comprehensive listing of recent interviews

Contact and proper affiliation for press:
Daniel M. Kammen, Professor of Energy and Society in the Energy and Resources Group (ERG) at the University of California, Berkeley & Director, Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL). 

Public School Children Visit RAEL

Sixth Grade Class from West Lake School Learns about Renewable Energy
The Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL) is committed to helping our community build their knowledge about clean and renewable energy technologies and smart energy use. As part of this commitment JP Ross, an ERG masters student in RAEL, invited Mona Schraer and her sixth grade class from West Lake, a local public middle school, for a discovery tour of RAEL and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) last May. (5/19/2000) 

Read more about this outing and see photos

PBS KQED-TV Green Means Production 

Kenya Solar: Using Solar Energy in Remote Locations
The PBS (KQED-TV, San Francisco) Green Means series has just produced aired throughout Spring 2000, Kenya Solar, a short piece focusing on RAEL's work in Kenya to help develop a photovoltaics market. The Green Means series produces short stories about ordinary people whose lifestyles and activities are making positive contributions to the environment. (4/22/2000)

 The first two San Francisco area broadcasts aired on April 23 at 7:24 PM and May 14 at 10:56 AM, and it will run once or twice a week thereafter for about 6 months.

 See the Broadcast Schedule and view the Video (with RealPlayer).

 Read more about this RAEL project at a-SI Phototvoltaic Systems in Kenya

Promoting Public Awareness of Climate Change

Signatory on Climate Change Letters
RAEL faculty and students have been participating in public awareness and political campaigns to analyze and promote ideas for North-South cooperation and agreement on strategies to manage global greenhouse emissions. Signatories on letters in The Guardian and The Independent are two such examples. (4/8/2000) 

Read more about this RAEL project at Deep Cuts in Carbon Emissions and Equitable Allocations


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