Thailand’s Renewable Energy Policy: FiTs and Opportunities for International Support

June, 2012

Thailand was one of the first Asian countries with a comprehensive feed-in tariff, or 

adder, program.  The program has been in place for six years and gone through successive phases 

of adjustment, in particular in response to higher-than predicted response by industry in the form 

of applications submitted for interconnection.  As of December 2011, Thailand has about 8,000 

megawatts of renewable energy projects in  the pipeline seeking adder and about 1,000 

megawatts already connected and selling power to the grid.  This paper provides an overview of 

Thailand’s grid-connected renewable energy support with a focus on the adder measure, which 

has been the major mechanism that drives the growth in Thailand’s renewable energy capacity.  

The paper discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the adder program and recent policy and 

regulatory changes that have reduced the program’s effectiveness.

Dr. Sopitsuda Tongsopit and Dr. Chris Greacen
RAEL Author: 
Chris Greacen