RAEL Lunch: Dr. Socolow

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 12:00pm - 1:15pm

Please join RAEL & ERG for a roundtable discussion with guest Dr. Socolow, Co-Director
of the The Carbon Mitigation Initiative, Director of the Siebel Energy
Grand Challenge, part of the Princeton Environmental Institute
at Princeton University.

The event will take place from 12-1:15 on February 15th in the
ERG reading room, 3rd Floor Barrow's Hall. Please be on time in order
to enter through the ERG department entrance, and feel free to bring a
lunch, as long as you're not a messy eater. :)

Please come prepared to discuss the two papers: the 2011
"Wedges Reconfirmed" paper and a publication about the SWITCH analysis
on a clean energy platform for Western North America. These papers will
be discussed in relation to the goals of the UN panel on of Sustainable Energy for All:

- Universal access by 2030
- Doubling the rate of EE improvement
- Doubling the global share of renewables