No RAEL Lunch on Nov 18th! Sugested Substitute: Smart Grid Policy in the US!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm

This Week no RAEL lunch meeting will take place.
Instead we suggest attending following event on American Smart Grid
Policy at the Center for Environmental Public Policy at the Goldman
School of Public Policy.


Chair, California Independent System Operator Governing Board
Director, California Clean Energy Fund
Senior Advisor, MIT Energy Innovation Project

Transmission Policy for America: Enabling a Smart Grid: End-to-End."

When: Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2009, 12:00
PM - 1:00 PM

Where: Room 355 at Goldman School of Public Policy
Lunch will be served. RSVP by Mon. Nov.16th to ensure sufficient food.

About the

From his
recently published paper through MIT's Energy Innovation Project,
Mr. Willrich will describe the critical role high voltage transmission
plays in America's electric power industry, summarize the current policy
context in which transmission is embedded, and propose legislative and
regulatory policy initiatives that will enable transmission to a key
facilitator of innovation.

About the

Willrich is Chair of the Board of Governors of the California Independent
System Operator (ISO), Director of the California Clean Energy Fund, and Senior
Advisor of the MIT Energy Innovation Project.  Previously, he was Partner
of Nth Power, a venture capital firm focused on energy, and CEO of PG&E
Enterprises and other executive positions at PG&E. Prior to joining
PG&E, Mason was in academia as Professor of Law at the University of
Virginia, and as Director, International Relations, at The Rockefeller
Foundation. He is author or co-author of nine books and numerous articles on
energy policy and international security issues.  During the Kennedy
administration he was Assistant General Counsel of the U.S. Arms Control and
Disarmament Agency.  After college, Mason served as a pilot in the U.S.
Air Force, Strategic Air Command. Receiving a B.A. from Yale University and a
J.D. from University of California, Berkeley, he was a Guggenheim Memorial
Fellow in 1973. He is also former Chairman of the World Affairs Council. 


The Center
for Environmental Public Policy (CEPP) at the Goldman School of Public Policy
(GSPP) aims to bridge the gap between environmental theory and policy
implementation through seminars, workshops and conferences. CEPP's programs are
intended to educate, direct and motivate those working in the field of
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