RAEL Lunch Seminar: "Preparing for the Post-Carbon Economy: 25 Areas with Gigaton Potential"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Location: 323 Barrows Hall (ERG Reading Room)

Claire Danielle Tomkins, Director of Research, Carbon War Room

Claire is an expert in water and energy markets and the environment, with 10 years experience working on a broad range of environmental management issues. She has an entrepreneurial background that has led her to spend time at Silicon Valley startups and investigating energy technologies.

Tomkins recently earned her PhD in Management Science; Engineering at Stanford University (in Sept 2008), where she was one of a handful of interdisciplinary scholars in the Economics and Finance Group pioneering new market models for energy and water. At Stanford, Tomkins worked closely with top scholars in the legal, natural resource, and economics programs to create applied market models that have relevance to public utilities, financial institutions, and policy makers. She was the lead researcher on a Woods Institute EVP Grant “Economic Incentive Models for the California Water Market” as part of her doctoral work. Earlier in her career, Tomkins was recipient of a competitive National Science Foundation Fellowship.

Prior to joining Carbon War Room, Tomkins served as Director of the Gigaton Throwdown Initiative founded by well-known entrepreneur and investor Sunil Paul in collaboration with Professor Dan Kammen at the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Lab at UC Berkeley. The Initiative brought together a unique group of investors, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and academics to study at-scale energy solutions to climate change. The report released by the group received national media attention and raised the level of discourse in Washington D.C. around the scale up potential for new energy technologies, defining “gigaton scale.”