Betting on Science: Disruptive Technologies in Transport Fuels

TitleBetting on Science: Disruptive Technologies in Transport Fuels
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsLemoine DM, Kammen DM
Date Published11/2009
Type of Articlecommentary
KeywordsThe transition from ICVs to PHEVs and EVs

Electrified vehicles present novel solutions to three critical energy problems. First, the transportation sector is one of the world's largest sources of the greenhouse gases (GHGs) whose accumulation in the atmosphere drives global climate change. Electrified vehicles offer a means of adapting the electricity sector's multiple low-carbon fuel sources to the provision of transportation services.

Second, many large and powerful economies are net importers of petroleum, which highlights security concerns regarding supply and transit. If adopted in significant numbers, electrified vehicles could reduce vulnerability to disruptions in world oil markets.

Third, while better emission control regulations and technologies have improved air quality in the developed world, the problem is growing more acute in the developing world with rapid urbanization and expansion of automobile ownership. Electrified vehicles could reduce pollutant emissions and move them outside of urban centers.

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