Powerful Connections – Priorities and Directions in Energy Science and Technology in Canada

TitlePowerful Connections – Priorities and Directions in Energy Science and Technology in Canada
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsBruneau A, Connor D, Fox J, Kammen D, Keith D, Lamarre P, Martel J, McCready K, Best P, Schramm L
Date Published10/2006
InstitutionOffice of Energy Research and Development

Dear Minister Lunn

Canadians have reason to be optimistic about our nation’s energy future.

As a nation we are blessed with energy resources which are extraordinary in their variety and scale. Canada is a large producer, intensive user, and a major exporter of energy-rich commodities and manufactured products. How skillfully we manage the evolution and future development of our energy economy will, in the long term, have a profound impact on the quality of the lives of Canadians.

Only the continuing vigorous development of energy technologies that will provide us with real future options in how we produce, transform and ultimately use energy can assure us of the ability to respond to the evolving economic conditions, environmental imperatives and the values and expectations of Canadians. This is central to our future well being.

We have provided recommendations in this report that identify technological areas where Canada should focus its investments. We have also proposed some different approaches your government might use as it organizes for and provides support to the priority programs. Here, our focus has been on how best to encourage the development, and support the widespread commercial deployment of transformative technologies.

Of great importance is the need to increase substantially the investments of both our private and public sectors in energy science and technology with programs that recognize the importance of long-term commitments. Short-term, discontinuous measures will fail to attract, develop and hold the talented, highly-skilled manpower upon which our future success ultimately depends.

Your Panel is confident that clear action now to stimulate expansion of our energy science and technology capacity and activity will assure Canadians of future energy choices and of a leadership role amongst nations.


Angus Bruneau


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