Sunshine and Skepticism on Energy Issues at Aspen Environment Forum

June, 2011
National Geographic
Dan Kammen spoke on the Aspen Environmental Forum 2011 on the necessity to embrace a holistic transformation of our energy system. The National Geographic covered the event and shot a video:

"[...] There were plenty of ideas on how to improve the process of producing and distributing energy — and plenty of counterbalancing viewpoints on the hurdles involved. Moderator David Owen of The New Sen. Bingaman, D. Kammen, J. Rogers (Duke CEO), Russ Ford (Shell), David Owen (New Yorker)Yorker solicited thoughts from Rogers, Russ Ford of Shell, Dan Kammen of the World Bank and Sen. Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico.

Probably the most re-Tweeted comment during this discussion was Kammen’s observation that “We have not seen the ‘go to the moon’ speech yet on clean energy.” Part of his point was that, both governmentally and culturally, we do not yet have an overarching, systems-oriented view of energy problems. For example, Kammen noted, there are policies that focus on energy generation, but not transmission; there are clean cookstove initiatives that never concern themselves with how the wood for those stoves can be sustainably sourced. What’s needed is a holistic approach to such problems."