Sustainable Energy 2014

Physics of Sustainable Energy III: Using Energy Efficiently and Producing It Renewably

March 8-9, 2014, (Saturday and Sunday) at UC Berkeley, with optional East Bay Area site visits on March 10 (Monday).

This conference was an intense weekend short course to enhance the background of private and public sector professionals, researchers and students active in energy affairs now or in the future.  As with the two previous conferences on this theme, in 2008 and 2011, both also held on the UC Berkeley campus, the motivation for this third conference was the continued importance of sustainable energy research and the need to update faculty and educate students either to work in the field or to have an appreciation for the key issues. The content centered in the physical sciences, but reached substantively into related fields important to energy policy and practice.  The conference was sponsored by the APS Forum on Physics and Society, the APS Topical Group on Energy Research and Applications, and the American Association of Physics Teachers. Post-conference site visits on Monday, March 10 included: Energy Biosciences Institute (biofuels); FlexLab (full-size building efficiency test site); Grid Alternatives (non-profit solar installers); Natel Energy (low-head hydro).

The slide sets which accompanied each of the invited talks appear as attached files below. 

The American Institute of Physics (AIP) will publish the proceedings as a sourcebook. Registered conference participants will receive a year of online access to the Proceedings as part of their registration, with online publication expected to occur this August (2014). Bound hard copies will come in September to those who signed up for them at the event. They are available to others as a $32 option for a limited time—contact Rob Knapp (  

Organizing Committee: Rob Knapp (Physics and Sustainable Design, Evergreen State College), Dan Kammen (Energy and Resources Group, UCBerkeley), Barbara Levi (Contributing Editor, Physics Today). Send questions, suggestions, and views to Rob Knapp (

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Kammen-PSE3-Energy-and-the-Poor1.pdf36.46 MB
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Kammen-PSE3-SolarFuture1.pdf38.15 MB
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Koomey-PSE3-Euseandtheinfoeconomy.pdf7.32 MB
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Lovins-APS_Oil-FreeTransport_UCB_Slides-and-notes_March2014_small.pdf3.59 MB
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