RAEL Lunch: Chris Jones

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 - 12:00pm - 1:15pm

Please join us for our RAEL lunch with Chris Jones: http://bie.berkeley.edu/chris

Title: Why behavior change is not only necessary, but potentially worthwhile 
Presenter, Chris Jones, ERG

this presentation I will argue that changing behavior is not only
necessary, but is worth increased efforts now to more fully realize the
potential of existing lessons and models.  Ultimately, enabling
sustainable consumption requires creating supportive environments that
encourage and reward more sustainable behavior. There is much that we
can learn from existing programs that are successfully doing just that.  

changing individual behavior confronts major challenges, including
enhancing the capacity of change agents, increasing the transferability
of solutions across diverse populations, making changes last and
spillover into other actions and improving the cost-effectiveness of

Today's RAEL talk will explore
lessons from the Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference,
highlighting some of my favorite success stories, and will introduce the
CoolCalifornia Challenge, a competition between 10 California cities to
reduce the carbon footprints of residents and build more vibrant and
sustainable communities. This yearlong program will begin on April 1 and
the winner will be crowned the Coolest California City. Since the
program is just about to get off the ground, bring your creative ideas
and tough questions!