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Disseminating Efficient Cookstoves in Tanzania

The “KUUTE” stove, developed in Tanzania and made by local artisans, is twice as efficient as prevalent improved charcoal stoves. However, many well- engineered stoves have failed to impact livelihoods, as they are not adopted by households. The Blum Center is supporting research on cost-effective dissemination methods.

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Sintana Vergara


B.S. Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, 2004

Ph.D. Students

B.S. Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, 2004

Drinking water treatment in the developing world; solid waste engineering; consumption; development

ERG Biofuels Analysis Meta-Model (EBAMM)

The ERG Biofuel Analysis Meta-Model (EBAMM) was developed by students and faculty of the Energy and Resources Group and Richard & Rhoda Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley to review the current state of ethanol energy analyses. This project has resulted a publication and a freely-downloadable spreadsheet model that are available on the project's web page.

We are currently extending this work to model a variety of biofuel pathways, including Braziian sugarcane ethanol, "advanced" corn, and an array of biorefinery alternatives. We are also preparing a comparison of biodiesel life-cycle analyses.

See the project webpage

Derek Lemoine

Research Interests: 
  • Remotely sensing compliance of riparian buffers with forestry Best
    Management Practices and sustainable forestry standards
  • Geographic dispersion of wind power
  • The impacts of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on California energy
  • Game-theoretic models of unilateral greenhouse gas policy

2007 Masters. Energy and Resources Group
BA 2003 Philosophy, Integrative Environmental Solutions from The University of the South

For more information please visit Derek's homepage

Island Microgrid Design

RAEL is designing and implementing low-carbon energy microgrids for Necker and Moskito Islands in the BVI. The natural resources available at Necker and Moskito present an excellent opportunity to move towards renewable electric power generation. In addition to the immediate local environmental benefits, powering these islands from renewable sources could meet many social goals. Most importantly, Necker and Moskito Island can serve as a case study to show the BVI government and local population that these technologies are reliable, cost effective and can be implemented thoughtfully to preserve the beautiful BVI landscape. The microgrid design on each island will involve a mix of wind and solar power, alternative energy storage and power factor correction devices. Look for more news on this high-profile project soon!
Contact: Dan Prull