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Jim Williams, Ph.D.
Energy Analyst

Chris Greacen
Ph.D. student

The Nautilus Institute
Berkeley, CA


Energy and Resources Group
University of California, Berkeley

US-DPRK Village Wind Power Pilot Project in Unhari, North Korea

This project, funded by the W. Alton Jones Foundation, is the first attempt by a US non-governmental organization to work with North Koreans in cooperative development. Previously, non-governmental organizations have been limited by both the American and the North Korean governments to delivering food aid to North Korea.

In May and September of 1999, a team of American energy specialists from The Nautilus Insitute, which included past and present students and affiliates of ERG/RAEL (Peter Hayes, Nautilus executive director; project manager Jim Williams; village electrification specialist Chris Greacen; and energy analyst David Von Hippel), along with their North Korean counterparts, installed seven wind generators, with just over 10 kilowatts of capacity, and a power house with electrical equipment that could provide stand-alone power, as well as interface with the North Korean grid, at Unhari, a small coastal village 70 miles west of Pyongyang.

The system, which was turned on October 5th, has several goals. First is to generate electricity in North Korea to meet humanitarian end uses. The wind turbine towers provide clean, renewable energy to the village's medical clinic, kindergarten, and 20 households in this remote farming hamlet. The second goal is to lessen tensions on the volatile Korean peninsula, divided into a communist north and capitalist south following the end of World War II.

In addition to generating power, compact fluorescent light bulbs were supplied to the kindergarten and twenty households, and the American and North Koreans also jointly conducted a rural energy survey and a socioeconomic assessment in the village -- the first time that such standard international project planning methods have been employed in the DPRK.

A complete description of the project can be found on The Nautilus Institute's web site.

Pictures from the Unhari Village Project:

Chris Greacen demonstrates how to check the specific gravity of the battery electrolyte in the power house

Six of the seven wind turbines installed in the project

US and North Korean engineers who worked on the village windfarm installation

Last updated 4/1/2000

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