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PV System Installation in Northern Thailand

Donna Green, a RAEL PhD student, recently travelled to Khun Huay Sai, a small Lahu village in the Chiang Mai province of Thailand. She worked with a local NGO, the Inter Mountain Peoples Education and Culture in Thailand Association, to install a PV/battery system at the school and meeting hall and facilitate local training about the system's operation. The PV system totalled 500 Watts, which will be used for lighting and battery charging at the village.

This project was made possible by support from the Lindbergh Foundation and the Institute for Advanced Studies, United Nations University.

Villagers stand in front of the meeting hall, where a lighting system and two battery charging units were installed.

Fixing the junction box on the back of an old PV panel, which was left in the village from a government project.

The local school where a lighting system was installed.

Installing the PV system on the roof of the meeting hall.

Khun Huay Sai is a Lahu (Lahu-yi) community in the Chiang Mai province of northern Thailand. The village Khun Huay Sai was established in 1967, yet soon after being established the community moved to another location. A new community established itself in the area in 1982. The new group came from Mae Ai and Fang districts of Chiang Mai. These new groups were originally situated close to the Thai-Myanmar border and moved to Khun Huay sai because of safety reasons.
Chaing Mai Province,

Last updated 5/2/2002

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