NEWS Coverage of the Green Stimulus to Rebuild our Economy: An Open Letter to Congress

For the Green Stim­u­lus Open Let­ter to Con­gress, click here.

Press cov­er­age of the let­ter includes:

3./24/2020 - City­Lab.  A green stim­u­lus plan for the post-​​coronavirus economy.

3/​24/​2020 - Mar­ket­WatchA green-​​minded stim­u­lus to save the econ­omy from coro­n­avirus?  This goops thinks it has the $2 tril­lion answer.

3/​24/​2020 - Time Mag­a­zine. What Coro­n­avirus means for the pos­si­bil­ity of a car­bon free economy.

3/​23/​2020 - Giz­modo.  Energy and pol­icy experts have a plan to fight COVID-​​19 and the cli­mate crisis.

3/​23/​2020 - Huff­in­g­ton Post. House Democ­rats Add Cli­mate Rules To Stim­u­lus Bill But Fall Short Of Pro­gres­sive Calls

3/​23/​2020 - Com­mon Dreams. ‘Green Stim­u­lus’ Demanded to Bat­tle Con­ver­gent Crises of Coro­n­avirus, Eco­nomic Injus­tice, and Cli­mate Emergency

3/​23/​2020 - The Hill. Pro­gres­sive advo­cates pro­pose $2T ‘green stim­u­lus’ plan

3/​23/​2020 - E&E News. PANDEMIC: McConnell slams Democ­rats over envi­ron­men­tal demands — Mon­day, March 23, 2020

3/​23/​2020 - Earther. Energy Experts Have a Plan to Fight Covid-​​19 and the Cli­mate Crisis

3/​23/​2020 - Wash­ing­ton Post. As they race to boost the econ­omy, law­mak­ers encounter push for a greener stimulus

3/​23/​2020 - Politico. Pro­gres­sives detail green stim­u­lus.


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