Modeling the Clean Energy Transition in China
2017-9-12-Chengdu-Summit Portrait

Amid grow­ing California-​​​​China clean energy part­ner­ships RAEL is part­ner­ing with both research and deploy­ment part­ners in China to accel­er­ate the decar­boniza­tion agenda.  In efforts with Tsinghua Uni­ver­sity, Chongqing Uni­ver­sity, and North China Elec­tric Power Uni­ver­sity, among other aca­d­e­mic part­ners, as well as with local and fed­eral part­ners in China, RAEL is work­ing to accel­er­ate the deploy­ment of electric […]

Published in Yale Environment 360: Taking the Long View: The ‘Forever Legacy’ of Climate Change
Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 6.55.42 AM

Tak­ing the Long View: The ‘For­ever Legacy’ of Cli­mate Change Cli­mate change pro­jec­tions often focus on 2100. But the geo­log­i­cal record shows that unless we rapidly reduce green­house gas emis­sions, we will be lock­ing in dras­tic increases in tem­per­a­tures and sea lev­els that will alter the earth not just for cen­turies, but for mil­len­nia.  By ROB WILDER AND DAN KAMMEN […]

Yale Climate Connections: Wind and solar key in 21st century energy economy

For the arti­cle and video, click here. Eco­nom­ics, tech­nol­ogy, and global pub­lic opin­ion are dri­ving the surge in wind and solar renew­able energy resources, with changes devel­op­ing at a pace few had antic­i­pated. A “rev­o­lu­tion” in use of renew­able energy is embrac­ing not only the elec­tri­cal sec­tor, but also, and increas­ingly, the trans­porta­tion sec­tor, the […]

RAEL team publishes Power sector model for a low-​​carbon Kenya
Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 7.16.56 AM

  Click here for a direct link to the paper, pub­lished in Envi­ron­men­tal Sci­ence & Tech­nol­ogy (ES&T). Fast grow­ing and emerg­ing economies face the dual chal­lenge of sus­tain­ably expand­ing and improv­ing their energy sup­ply and reli­a­bil­ity while at the same time reduc­ing poverty. Crit­i­cal to such trans­for­ma­tion is to pro­vide afford­able and sus­tain­able access to […]

New Initiative for SDG7: RAEL/​UC Berkeley-​​Berlin Reiner Lemoine Institute Energy Access Group
Making charcoal and mud fuel blocks in Kibera, Kenya

RAEL looks for­ward to a new part­ner­ship with the Reiner-​​​​Lemoine Insti­tute in Berlin, Ger­many. On August 28th, RLI and RAEL together will sign a Mem­o­ran­dum of Under­stand­ing on the scope of their part­ner­ship. In this ini­tia­tive, the part­ners have cre­ated the Berkeley-​​​​Berlin Energy Access Group (BBEAG) headed by Philipp Blechinger and Daniel Kam­men. At RLI, Philipp […]

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Dr. Alan Lamont — RAEL Lunch, September 27, “Visualizing cost efficient pathways to a low carbon electric system”
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Dr Alan Lam­ont holds BS and MS degrees in Civil Engi­neer­ing and PhD in Engi­neer­ing Eco­nomic Sys­tems, all from Stan­ford He is recently retired from Lawrence Liv­er­more National Lab­o­ra­tory, where he was an engi­neer for 29 years.  His work included eco­nomic analy­sis of energy sys­tems, along with risk and deci­sion analy­sis for infra­struc­ture, nuclear facil­i­ties and […]

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