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The Renew­able and Appro­pri­ate Ener­gy Lab­o­ra­to­ry (RAEL) is a unique new research, devel­op­ment, project imple­men­ta­tion, and com­mu­ni­ty out­reach facil­i­ty based at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Cal­i­for­nia, Berke­ley in the Ener­gy and Resources Group and the Depart­ment of Nuclear Engi­neer­ing. RAEL focus­es on design­ing, test­ing, and dis­sem­i­nat­ing renew­able and appro­pri­ate ener­gy sys­tems. The lab­o­ra­to­ry’s mis­sion is to help these tech­nolo­gies real­ize their full poten­tial to con­tribute to envi­ron­men­tal­ly sus­tain­able devel­op­ment in both indus­tri­al­ized and devel­op­ing nations while also address­ing the cul­tur­al con­text and range of poten­tial social impacts of any new tech­nol­o­gy or resource man­age­ment system.

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Due to the high demand for places in RAEL I regret inform to you that we no longer can accept any short-term vis­i­tors (months to a year).  We now can only accept stu­dents who apply to and are accept­ed in a degree pro­gram on cam­pus.  If you write to RAEL mak­ing this request any­way, your email won’t be returned (because both we receive far too many such requestsand because you have not read/​found this announce­ment on the RAEL home page).

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RAEL Part of the UC Berkeley Cal Future Forum on Sustainability

To high­light the lat­est research find­ings emerg­ing from UC Berke­ley and the Berke­ley Lab, on sus­tain­abil­i­ty we present Cal Future Forum: Our Chang­ing World, an unusu­al oppor­tu­ni­ty to learn direct­ly from lead­ing researchers who are devel­op­ing solu­tions to the envi­ron­men­tal chal­lenges we face.

In May 2017 over a dozen promi­nent Berke­ley researchers pro­vid­ed a syn­op­sis of the state of the plan­et, a bet­ter under­stand­ing of the chal­lenges we face, and the solu­tions being devel­oped at Berke­ley – and being imple­ment­ed glob­al­ly. This rare gath­er­ing of lead­ing Berke­ley sci­en­tists, engi­neers, schol­ars and pol­i­cy experts was mod­er­at­ed by promi­nent radio host, Michael Krasny.

Please vis­it this page for access to all of the talks. 

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RAEL is …

RAEL is a unique col­lab­o­ra­tion of schol­ars, activists, pol­i­cy mak­ers, com­mu­ni­ty groups and engaged lead­ers from indus­try all work­ing to to expand our abil­i­ty to do and put into prac­tice “use-inspired basic research” in words of Don­ald Stokes.  Please vis­it the RAEL project, stu­dent, pub­li­ca­tion and media pages to find infor­ma­tion on our many activ­i­ties.  After a decade of the old RAEL web­site, this new site is just now being ful­ly pop­u­lat­ed with our old and new con­tent.  Please vis­it the ‘sup­port RAEL’ pages too, as your inter­est atten­tion, and sup­port is vital­ly need to extend and expand our abil­i­ty to make a dif­fer­ence in accel­er­at­ing the clean ener­gy transition.










Sam Miles contributes to a new assessment report, “Digitalising Innovative Finance: Emerging instruments for early- stage innovators in low- and middle-income countries”

For the report, click here.   Exec­u­tive summary Dig­i­tal tech­nolo­gies play a sig­nif­i­cant role in unlock­ing the poten­tial of inno­v­a­tive financ­ing mech­a­nisms across the util­i­ties sec­tors in Africa and Asia. Across […] Read more

US, China [can] cooperate on green energy in rural areas

For the orig­i­nal click here, or nav­i­gate to Chi­na Daily:  https://​www​.chi​nadai​ly​.com​.cn/​a​/​2​0​2​3​1​0​/​1​6​/​W​S​6​5​2​c​9​1​0​d​a​3​1​0​9​0​6​8​2​a​5​e​8​a​e​b​.​h​tml   US, China cooperate on green energy in rural areas By MINGMEI LI in New York | Xinhua |  Inno­va­tion in rur­al […] Read more

Half of Americans can’t install solar panels. Here’s how they can plug into the sun.

Half of Americans can’t install solar panels. Here’s how they can plug into the sun. Advice by Michael J. Coren, Cli­mate Advice Colum­nist, The Wash­ing­ton Post Octo­ber 10, 2023  (for the orig­i­nal in The Wash­ing­ton Post, click here.) […] Read more

ERG COLLOQUIUM — The Power of Health: Accelerating the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

—————————————————————-ERG Col­lo­qui­um———————————————————— Sep­tem­ber 20, 2023 Loca­tion: 141 Gian­ni­ni Hall, Uni­ver­si­ty of Cal­i­for­nia, Berkeley Time: 16:00 — 17:30 PDT Title: The Pow­er of Health: Accel­er­at­ing the 2030 Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment Goals Sum­ma­ry: Clean ener­gy is under­go­ing […] Read more

New USC The Business of Green podcast

https://​www​.youtube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​f​1​Q​O​-​u​B​c​x​1​g​&​t​=​1​10s Read more

Why what happened to Oppenheimer then is relevant now

Timed for pub­li­ca­tion with the release of the movie Oppen­heimer, we pub­lished an arti­cle on pub­lic ser­vice by sci­en­tists, a the I‑M-P-E-A-C‑H let­ter when Prof. Kam­men left the Trump Admin­is­tra­tion, a […] Read more

From Sun to Sustainability: The Journey of Solar Panel Recycling

https://​penin​su​la​press​.com/​2​0​2​3​/​0​6​/​1​3​/​f​r​o​m​-​s​u​n​-​t​o​-​s​u​s​t​a​i​n​a​b​i​l​i​t​y​-​t​h​e​-​j​o​u​r​n​e​y​-​o​f​-​s​o​l​a​r​-​p​a​n​e​l​-​r​e​c​y​c​l​i​ng/   The grow­ing pop­u­lar­i­ty of solar pan­els has brought atten­tion to a crit­i­cal issue: the chal­lenge of recy­cling these devices at the end of their lifespan. Cal­i­for­nia has become […] Read more

Climate Change is an Energy Problem. Here’s How We Solve It.

For the Cal­i­for­nia Mag­a­zine arti­cle, click here.   Count on come­di­ans to nail the zeitgeist. I’m think­ing of comics like Marc Maron, whose act riffs off exis­ten­tial pain points like mor­tal­i­ty, anti­semitism, […] Read more

A Fruitvale Microgrid Could Inspire Resiliency if Approved

A Fruitvale Microgrid Could Inspire Resiliency — if Approved by Sachi Mulkey | May 16, 2023 A Con­trib­u­tor from our Next-Gen Inspi­ra­tion Team For the orig­i­nal, click here. Two dozen homes in Oakland’s […] Read more

AP: Leaders gather in Paris to accelerate wringing more out of every ounce of fuel

By BRITTANY PETERSON and DREW COSTLEY For the orig­i­nal, click here. As 30 ener­gy envi­ron­ment and trade min­is­ters plus 50 CEOs assem­ble in Paris for the 8th inter­na­tion­al con­fer­ence on ener­gy […] Read more

RAEL is working with on low-carbon transition scenarios for both the US and Chinese power sectors

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