Clean Energy Financing

A number of cities and counties across the U.S. are launching programs to finance renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades for homes and businesses. RAEL is supporting these efforts through research, consulting, and the creation of educational tools. This project focuses on what we call Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) which covers the up-front costs for energy efficiency improvements and installation of solar energy systems for residential and commercial properties within a city or county. The property owner then repays the cost of these installations over 20 years through a special fee on their property tax bill. 

Check out our summary proposal for privately-managed PACE here:

Resources & How To Guide

We offer a How to Guide for launching a PACE program in your community. We have also compiled resources and documentation from cities and counties that are implementing Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs.

Seminar on Financing

RAEL hosted a seminar for local government leaders on Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE).
Presentations and video from the event


RAEL created a FAQ to answer questions about Berkeley's municipal financing program.
FAQ document

Financial Calculators

We offer calculators to help homeowners understand the financial impacts of financing solar PV, solar thermal, and energy efficiency. 

Berkeley Calculator

Italy Calculator (III CE)
According to III Conto Energia

Italy Calculator (IV CE)
According to IV Conto Energia


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