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ethanol solution”, 60 Minutes, interview with Dan Rather, May 7, 2006.

 “There goes the sun: Will we squander our
clean-energy future” (2000) D. M. Kammen interview in World Rivers Review, June,
8 – 9, 14 – 15.

“Investing in
future energy sources” (2000) D. M. Kammen interview in Environmental Review,
7 (3), 8 – 14.

Green Means,
Season #4, “Kenya Solar”, PBS KQED-TV (San Francisco, CA) Available as streaming video:

Press Release
(April 9, 2000) Study finds that small size a-Si modules perform well in


PBS - episode 4, "Growing Energy"

January 20, 2007

Ethanol Solution

60 Minutes

October 8, 2007

by Coal

60 Minutes

April 27, 2009