NEWS The Pope uses RAEL research on energy access in visit to Bolivia


In Bolivia, the Pope has called for energy access and an end to energy poverty.  In his com­ments, he draws on work by RAEL to exam­ine the social and eco­nomic ben­e­fits of energy electrification.

Some cov­er­age of the Papal visit and comments:


The Vat­i­can meet­ing on energy poverty and energy access where Pro­fes­sor Kam­men pre­sented this work and wrote brief­ings for the Vat­i­can are avail­able at:

Sus­tain­able Human­ity, Sus­tain­able Nature: Our Responsibility

and Kammen’s com­ments and paper for the Vat­i­can is online at:

Energy for Sus­tain­able and Equi­table Development


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