Affiliate Researcher Martha Hoffmann

In her doc­toral stud­ies in Ger­many, Martha is work­ing on the real­iza­tion of a socially just and accepted energy tran­si­tion. For this, she plans to add social and eco­log­i­cal aspects to the cur­rent tech­ni­cal and eco­nom­i­cal focus within energy tran­si­tion plan­ning processes. The devel­op­ment of an inte­grated energy sys­tem model will assess the impact of energy mar­ket reforms on com­mu­nity and house­hold level as well as their impli­ca­tions for dis­trib­u­tive jus­tice. Her inter­ests, broadly, encom­pass, energy jus­tice, the energy tran­si­tion, energy mod­el­ing, and Open Source meth­ods and strategies.

Her work is super­vised by Prof. Dr. Pao-​​Yu Oei from the Depart­ment of Energy and Envi­ron­men­tal Man­age­ment at Europa-​​Universität Flens­burg (EUF).

Martha wrote her mas­ters degree the­sis  at the TU Berlin in the research group Off-​​Grid Sys­tems at the Reiner Lemoine Insti­tut and devel­oped the sim­u­la­tion tool Off­grid­ders, which sizes elec­tri­fi­ca­tion options. Fol­low­ing  this, from 2019 to 2021, she worked as a researcher at the Reiner Lemoine Insti­tut and was respon­si­ble for the project man­age­ment within the scope of the H2020 research project E-​​LAND, in which RLI devel­ops and applies a sim­u­la­tion tool for sec­tor cou­pled energy sys­tems (Multi-​​Vector Sim­u­la­tor).

Martha’s fel­low­ship is financed through the C-​​BEAR+ project (link: https://reiner-lemoine–insti​tut​.de/​e​n​/​c​-​b​e​ar/) , funded by the Fed­eral Min­istry for Eco­nomic Affairs and Cli­mate Action of Germany.

She will be a vis­it­ing scholar at RAEL for Spring 2023

Con­tact: martha.​hoffmann@​rl-​stiftung.​de

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