Project Household Energy, Cookstoves and Health


Bio­mass fuels (wood, char­coal, dung, and agri­cul­tural residues) are vital to basic wel­fare and eco­nomic activ­ity in devel­op­ing nations, espe­cially in sub-​​Saharan Africa (SSA), where they meet more than 90% of house­hold energy needs in many nations. Com­bus­tion of bio­fu­els emit pol­lu­tants that cur­rently cause over 1.6 mil­lion annual deaths glob­ally (400,000 in SSA. Because most of these deaths are among chil­dren and women, bio­mass use is directly or indi­rectly related to mul­ti­ple Mil­len­nium Devel­op­ment Goals (MDGs), includ­ing envi­ron­men­tal sus­tain­abil­ity, reduc­ing child mor­tal­ity, and gen­der equity.


Taking indoor air pollution measurements in rural Kenya

Tak­ing indoor air pol­lu­tion mea­sure­ments in rural Kenya

Making charcoal, Kenya

Mak­ing char­coal, Kenya

Women gathering firewood, Zombe, Kenya

Women gath­er­ing fire­wood, Zombe, Kenya