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The Renew­able and Appro­pri­ate Energy Lab­o­ra­tory (RAEL) is a unique new research, devel­op­ment, project imple­men­ta­tion, and com­mu­nity out­reach facil­ity based at the Uni­ver­sity of Cal­i­for­nia, Berke­ley in the Energy and Resources Group and the Depart­ment of Nuclear Engi­neer­ing. RAEL focuses on design­ing, test­ing, and dis­sem­i­nat­ing renew­able and appro­pri­ate energy sys­tems. The laboratory’s mis­sion is to help these tech­nolo­gies real­ize their full poten­tial to con­tribute to envi­ron­men­tally sus­tain­able devel­op­ment in both indus­tri­al­ized and devel­op­ing nations while also address­ing the cul­tural con­text and range of poten­tial social impacts of any new tech­nol­ogy or resource man­age­ment system.

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We hope you enjoy our new web­site! We are in the process of fill­ing in and trans­fer­ring con­tent from the old site. If you don’t see what you’re look­ing for please visit the old web­site while we get things sorted. Thank you.
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RAEL student Rebekah Shirley in Borneo to promote sustainable energy solutions



Blockade at the Baram dam

Block­ade at the Baram dam


Com­mu­nity groups are protest­ing log­ging in Sarawak.  RAEL is work­ing with the com­mu­nity groups to explore sus­tain­able energy, land-​​use and com­mu­nity options for the region.


RAEL is …

RAEL is a unique col­lab­o­ra­tion of schol­ars, activists, pol­icy mak­ers, com­mu­nity groups and engaged lead­ers from indus­try all work­ing to to expand our abil­ity to do and put into prac­tice “use-​​inspired basic research” in words of Don­ald Stokes.  Please visit the RAEL project, stu­dent, pub­li­ca­tion and media pages to find infor­ma­tion on our many activ­i­ties.  After a decade of the old RAEL web­site, this new site is just now being fully pop­u­lated with our old and new con­tent.  Please visit the ‘sup­port RAEL’ pages too, as your inter­est atten­tion, and sup­port is vitally need to extend and expand our abil­ity to make a dif­fer­ence in accel­er­at­ing the clean energy transition.Kammen-Ny Alesund - Norway.jpg


Surge in Renewables Remakes California’s Energy Landscape

Arti­cle: http://​e360​.yale​.edu/​f​e​a​t​u​r​e​/​s​u​r​g​e​_​i​n​_​r​e​n​e​w​a​b​l​e​s​_​r​e​m​a​k​e​s​_​c​a​l​i​f​o​r​n​i​a​s​_​e​n​e​r​g​y​_​l​a​n​d​s​c​a​p​e​/​2​8​79/   Thanks to favor­able geog­ra­phy, inno­v­a­tive gov­ern­ment poli­cies, and busi­nesses that see the ben­e­fits of clean energy invest­ments, Cal­i­for­nia is clos­ing in on its goal of gen­er­at­ing a third of its elec­tric­ity from renew­ables by 2020. by Cheryl Katz Solar farms are bloom­ing across California’s deserts, wind tur­bines are climb­ing the Sierra, pho­to­voltaic roofs […] Read more

Emissions accounting for biomass energy with CCS

Nature Cli­mate Change (5 June issue) pub­lishes a dis­cus­sion of the scope, costs, and ben­e­fits of bio­mass energy with car­bon cap­ture.  See the pub­li­ca­tions page for this new conversation. Read more

Diego Ponce de Leon Barido

Please join me in con­grat­u­lat­ing Diego on win­ning a 2015 — 2017 Link Foun­da­tion Energy Fel­low­ship! Read more

California Expands Its ‘Subnational’ Climate Club

Cal­i­for­nia is adding to its ros­ter of allies in the cli­mate change counteroffensive. Envi­ron­men­tal groups are hail­ing an agree­ment signed Tues­day by Gov­er­nor Jerry Brown and an assort­ment of states, provinces and other “sub­na­tional” gov­ern­ments to ratchet up their own cli­mate strategies. Billed as the “Under 2 MOU,” the mem­o­ran­dum of under­stand­ing is a pledge to advance […] Read more

Two new reports on energy access released in conjunction with the UN Sustainable Energy for All meeting

RAEL researchers and col­leagues at Stan­ford Uni­ver­sity, Hum­boldt State Uni­ver­sity, Cross­bound­ary, and Light­ing Global, the Inter­na­tional Finance Cor­po­ra­tion, and United Nations Envi­ron­ment Pro­gram release two new reports on energy access imple­men­ta­tion and services. Increas­ing Private Capi­tal Invest­ment into Energy Access:  The Case for Mini-grid Pool­ing Facil­i­ties, by Dim­itry Ger­shen­son, Matthew Til­leard, Jake Cusack, Dean Cooper, Ashby Monk, and Daniel Kam­men (Uni­ver­sity of Cal­i­for­nia, […] Read more

Harvard College Review of Environment and Society

The Future of Nuclear Energy http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/~res/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/HCRECS_Spring_15_Final.pdf A pub­li­ca­tion at Har­vard Uni­ver­sity that seeks to pro­vide a plat­form for con­nect­ing stu­dents, researchers, busi­ness and polit­i­cal lead­ers, and the pub­lic to enable inte­gra­tive dis­cus­sion that is para­mount to devel­op­ing suc­cess­ful solu­tions to our cur­rent envi­ron­men­tal issues. While much of the con­tem­po­rary dis­course on envi­ron­ment and soci­ety have […] Read more

Reality Check: Are California’s Carbon Emissions Goals Attainable? (NBC News)

To see the video: http://​www​.nbcba​yarea​.com/​n​e​w​s​/​l​o​c​a​l​/​R​e​a​l​i​t​y​-​C​h​e​c​k​-​A​r​e​-​C​a​l​i​f​o​r​n​i​a​s​-​C​a​r​b​o​n​-​E​m​i​s​s​i​o​n​s​-​G​o​a​l​s​-​A​t​t​a​i​n​a​b​l​e​-​3​0​2​5​0​8​5​4​1​.​h​tml   Cal­i­for­nia Gov­er­nor Jerry Brown announced last week a new plan for reduc­ing the state’s green­house gas emis­sions. The exec­u­tive order calls on the Golden State to decrease car­bon emis­sion rates by 40 per­cent below 1990 lev­els by the year 2030. “I’ve set a very high bar, but it’s a bar we […] Read more

Science Magazine: In boosting climate goals, California daring others to follow

http://​news​.sci​encemag​.org/​c​l​i​m​a​t​e​/​2​0​1​5​/​0​5​/​a​n​a​l​y​s​i​s​-​b​o​o​s​t​i​n​g​-​c​l​i​m​a​t​e​-​g​o​a​l​s​-​c​a​l​i​f​o​r​n​i​a​-​d​a​r​i​n​g​-​o​t​h​e​r​s​-​f​o​l​low Mar­i­anne Lavelle, 1 May 2015 3:30 pm When Cal­i­for­nia Gov­er­nor Jerry Brown announced ear­lier this week that he was ratch­et­ing up his state’s already ambi­tious green­house gas reduc­tion tar­get, he put his state in a famil­iar place: try­ing to set the reg­u­la­tory pace for the rest of the nation, and even the world. And although some crit­ics warn […] Read more

Global Transition Scoreboard Reporting of $6.22 Trillion Blows Past Mid-​​Mark of 2020 Goal

http://www.csrwire.com/press_releases/37875-GTS-Reporting-of-6–22-Trillion-Blows-Past-Mid-Mark-of-2020-Goal SAINT AUGUSTINE, Fla., Apr. 22 /​CSRwire/​ — Earth Day 2015 marks $6.22 tril­lion invested in the global green tran­si­tion since 2007.  This meets our Green Tran­si­tion Score­board® (GTS) goal of $10 tril­lion pri­vately invested in the green econ­omy by 2020, eas­ily on track to reach the 2020 goal to effec­tively scale inno­va­tions and reduce […] Read more

The Road from CalCAP: Can the University of California Achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2025?

http://​blum​cen​ter​.berke​ley​.edu/​n​e​w​s​-​p​o​s​t​s​/​t​h​e​-​r​o​a​d​-​f​r​o​m​-​c​a​l​c​a​p​-​c​a​n​-​t​h​e​-​u​n​i​v​e​r​s​i​t​y​-​o​f​-​c​a​l​i​f​o​r​n​i​a​-​a​c​h​i​e​v​e​-​c​a​r​b​o​n​-​n​e​u​t​r​a​l​i​t​y​-​b​y​-​2​0​25/   By Tamara Straus Ten years ago, Scott Zim­mer­mann left an eight-​​year career as an oil indus­try engi­neer to attend law school at UC Berke­ley, retool, and try to save the planet. Al Gore’s “An Incon­ve­nient Truth” was just about to come out, and the nation was buzzing with new­found infor­ma­tion on the con­nec­tions […] Read more

RAEL is working with on low-​​carbon transition scenarios for both the US and Chinese power sectors

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