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The Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL) is a unique new research, development, project implementation, and community outreach facility based at the University of California, Berkeley in the Energy and Resources Group and the Department of Nuclear Engineering. RAEL focuses on designing, testing, and disseminating renewable and appropriate energy systems. The laboratory’s mission is to help these technologies realize their full potential to contribute to environmentally sustainable development in both industrialized and developing nations while also addressing the cultural context and range of potential social impacts of any new technology or resource management system.

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Due to the high demand for places in RAEL I regret inform to you that we no longer can accept any short-term visitors (months to a year).  We now can only accept students who apply to and are accepted in a degree program on campus.  If you write to RAEL making this request anyway, your email won’t be returned (because both we receive far too many such requestsand because you have not read/found this announcement on the RAEL home page).

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RAEL Part of the UC Berkeley Cal Future Forum on Sustainability

To highlight the latest research findings emerging from UC Berkeley and the Berkeley Lab, on sustainability we present Cal Future Forum: Our Changing World, an unusual opportunity to learn directly from leading researchers who are developing solutions to the environmental challenges we face.

In May 2017 over a dozen prominent Berkeley researchers provided a synopsis of the state of the planet, a better understanding of the challenges we face, and the solutions being developed at Berkeley – and being implemented globally. This rare gathering of leading Berkeley scientists, engineers, scholars and policy experts was moderated by prominent radio host, Michael Krasny.

Please visit this page for access to all of the talks. 

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RAEL is …

RAEL is a unique collaboration of scholars, activists, policy makers, community groups and engaged leaders from industry all working to to expand our ability to do and put into practice “use-inspired basic research” in words of Donald Stokes.  Please visit the RAEL project, student, publication and media pages to find information on our many activities.  After a decade of the old RAEL website, this new site is just now being fully populated with our old and new content.  Please visit the ‘support RAEL’ pages too, as your interest attention, and support is vitally need to extend and expand our ability to make a difference in accelerating the clean energy transition.










Sam Miles contributes to a new assessment report, “Digitalising Innovative Finance: Emerging instruments for early- stage innovators in low- and middle-income countries”

For the report, click here.   Executive summary Digital technologies play a significant role in unlocking the potential of innovative financing mechanisms across the utilities sectors in Africa and Asia. Across these sectors, access to capital is a major challenge, particularly when enterprises have outgrown grant funding but do not have the scale to tap into […] Read more

US, China [can] cooperate on green energy in rural areas

For the original click here, or navigate to China Daily:  https://www.chinadaily.com.cn/a/202310/16/WS652c910da31090682a5e8aeb.html   US, China cooperate on green energy in rural areas By MINGMEI LI in New York | Xinhua |  Innovation in rural area-green energy development and boosting collaboration between the United States and China in science and technology are being emphasized at a “smart […] Read more

Half of Americans can’t install solar panels. Here’s how they can plug into the sun.

Half of Americans can’t install solar panels. Here’s how they can plug into the sun. Advice by Michael J. Coren, Climate Advice Columnist, The Washington Post October 10, 2023  (for the original in The Washington Post, click here.) https://www.washingtonpost.com/climate-environment/2023/10/10/community-solar-renters-apartments-discounted-electricity/ No roof, no solar power. That has been the dispiriting equation shutting out roughly half of all Americans from plugging into […] Read more

ERG COLLOQUIUM – The Power of Health: Accelerating the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

—————————————————————-ERG Colloquium———————————————————— September 20, 2023 Location: 141 Giannini Hall, University of California, Berkeley Time: 16:00 – 17:30 PDT Title: The Power of Health: Accelerating the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Summary: Clean energy is undergoing a cost and performance revolution, and health, social andgender-justice crises across Africa are exploding. With that background, how do we rapidlyand with […] Read more

New USC The Business of Green podcast

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1QO-uBcx1g&t=110s Read more

Why what happened to Oppenheimer then is relevant now

Timed for publication with the release of the movie Oppenheimer, we published an article on public service by scientists, a the I-M-P-E-A-C-H letter when Prof. Kammen left the Trump Administration, a piece in The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, is now available (open access): https://thebulletin.org/premium/2023-07/why-what-happened-to-oppenheimer-then-is-relevant-now/ The full collection of articles is online at: https://thebulletin.org/magazine/2023-07/   To download […] Read more

From Sun to Sustainability: The Journey of Solar Panel Recycling

https://peninsulapress.com/2023/06/13/from-sun-to-sustainability-the-journey-of-solar-panel-recycling/   The growing popularity of solar panels has brought attention to a critical issue: the challenge of recycling these devices at the end of their lifespan. California has become a significant hub for solar panel installations, leading the way in the adoption of solar energy within the United States. With a current installed capacity […] Read more

Climate Change is an Energy Problem. Here’s How We Solve It.

For the California Magazine article, click here.   Count on comedians to nail the zeitgeist. I’m thinking of comics like Marc Maron, whose act riffs off existential pain points like mortality, antisemitism, the delaminating geopolitical situation, and, of course, that multigigaton carbon elephant in the room, climate change. “The reason we’re not more upset about the world […] Read more

A Fruitvale Microgrid Could Inspire Resiliency if Approved

A Fruitvale Microgrid Could Inspire Resiliency – if Approved by Sachi Mulkey | May 16, 2023 A Contributor from our Next-Gen Inspiration Team For the original, click here. Two dozen homes in Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood are banding together to give their block a first-of-its-kind sustainability makeover. The EcoBlock, a UC Berkeley research project collaborating with the […] Read more

AP: Leaders gather in Paris to accelerate wringing more out of every ounce of fuel

By BRITTANY PETERSON and DREW COSTLEY For the original, click here. As 30 energy environment and trade ministers plus 50 CEOs assemble in Paris for the 8th international conference on energy efficiency, the International Energy Agency is urgently calling for greater investment in energy efficiency for factories, cars and appliances to meet international climate goals. The […] Read more

RAEL is working with on low-carbon transition scenarios for both the US and Chinese power sectors

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