Project Green Job Creation and Regional Economic Opportunities at the State Level

Associated Publications:

The US green jobs project models the job creation capacity of the energy industry across the United States in the next decades. This model is based on an empirical approach, basing estimates of job creation on surveys of actual hiring and direct job creation in different sub-sectors of the energy industry. Relying on these data, we are then able to forecast job creation potential at the state level based on current energy sector structure, current and proposed energy regulations and fossil fuel as well as clean energy standards.  The model and the data are available and interactive via downloadable spreadsheets and interactive online map.

Downloadable data Spreadsheets:

Alabama New Mexico Michigan Maine Maryland Idaho Georgia Delaware Colorado California Kentucky USA Wyoming Wisconsin West Virginia Washington Virginia Vermont Utah Texas Tennessee South Dakota South Carolina Rhode Island Pennsylvania Oregon Oklahoma Ohio North Dakota North Carolina New York New Jersey New Hampshire Nevada Nebraska Montana Missouri Mississippi Minnesota Massachusetts Kansas Louisiana Iowa Indiana Illinois Florida Connecticut Arkansas Arizona

Download the map

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